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May 12, 2009

Illustrator CS4 — Service Compris

Contributed by Terry Hemphill, Illustrator Product Marketing Manager

Illustrator CS4 includes three free online services: Adobe Kuler, Community Help and Share My Screen.

Kuler lets you explore, create and share color themes, and is available through the Kuler website; via an Adobe AIR application; through ColorSlide, an IPhone application; and directly within a panel in Illustrator CS4. To access the Kuler panel in Illustrator CS4, just go to Windows>Extentions>Kuler. The English versions of Illustrator CS3 also offer access to Kuler; go to Windows>Adobe Labs>Kuler.

Community Help provides instruction, inspiration, and support and lets you find them via Custom Search, a Google enterprise tool that delivers indexed content chosen by experts at Adobe and others in the design and developer communities, meaning you find the answers you need faster than with any standard web search.

But my favorite is one of the least known of the new services: Share My Screen, which gives you direct access to the Acrobat ConnectNow web conferencing service for you and up to two other users.

Original image in Illustrator being shared

Image seen as shared through Share My Screen (ConnectNow)

ConnectNow isn’t your father’s web conferencing service, but delivers the conferencing via a sleek interface for screen sharing, video and audio conferencing, a chat pod, whiteboard tools and even remote control, letting you take over another participant’s screen, with their permission, of course. To access Share My Screen, from the Illustrator CS4 main menu, go to File>Share My Screen.

We use Acrobat Connect constantly here at Adobe. It might be used to formally deliver a presentation, but more often it’s to jump into a Connect “room” to visually share information, review work in progress, or to get feedback on a shared project. And of course, our own IT support loves Connect to take over the user’s computer and directly deliver the tech support needed.

All it takes to access any of the new services is an Adobe ID, which is free, and is used for all kinds of access to everything Adobe—the Adobe Store, Adobe Labs,, and many more.

These three free services are available in many CS4 design and web products, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. You can get more info on these and other online services in Creative Suite 4 here.

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