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November 11, 2010

The skinny on in-app purchase

Love those new layers in Adobe Ideas? Me too!

Now, let’s say you have an iPad and an iPhone… naturally you want to know if you can purchase Layers just once and use it on both of your devices, but you’re reticent to try because you’re not sure what will happen. Rest assured, we’ve enabled the in-app purchase within Adobe Ideas to work the way you want. Simply purchase Layers from one of your devices, and the same feature will be available for other devices on the same iTunes account. There are two ways to get the purchased feature onto another device and neither of them will charge you again:


  • Go into the Settings screen in Adobe Ideas and tap Recover My Purchase
  • or, tap Buy layers from the Layers panel and go through the normal purchase process. After you log in to iTunes, the store will let you know that you’ve already purchased the feature, then it will be enabled on the device.



So, why are there two versions in the store now, and why doesn’t 1.1 show as an update on the iPhone?

Here’s the scoop – when we built the 1.0 version, we made separate apps for iPhone and iPad. We probably should not have done that, but that’s another story.
Version 1.1 is a Universal App, meaning that it can run on iPhone or iPad (and iPod Touch btw). We couldn’t provide it as an update to both of the existing versions, so we had to choose one. We decided to make 1.1 as an update to the 1.0 iPad version and that’s why it doesn’t show as an update on your iPhone. Go ahead and download Adobe Ideas 1.1 as a new app on the iPhone.

So, what about all of your old (iPhone) content from 1.0?

For now, keep it. We’re working on another update that will allow you to migrate the content from the old 1.0 iPhone app into the new app.

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