by Terry Hemphill


August 27, 2012

Exclusive Illustrator updates available for Creative Cloud members

We’re very excited to announce the release of a new set of Adobe Illustrator features exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud members and customers subscribed to Illustrator. These new features are being released to Creative Cloud members now, delivering on our promise that Creative Cloud members will get early VIP access to our latest innovations, including new features in our desktop software.

The three new features are focused on improving productivity, and will let you automatically package Illustrator projects and their related files for fast and accurate hand-offs, quickly unembed images that have been placed and embedded into Illustrator files, and more efficiently access information in linked files. To get these updates, just open Illustrator, and from the main menu, choose Help > Updates. Or download Illustrator for the first time here.

To learn more, please check out the videos and information below, or visit the Illustrator or Creative Cloud product pages. If you aren’t a Creative Cloud member, or are signed up for the free Creative Cloud membership and want access to these Illustrator features, you can become a paid member here. Current Creative Suite customers can join Creative Cloud and get 40% off their first year of membership, and pay just US$29.99 per month for the first 12 months. See if you qualify.

Package files

Efficiently hand off Illustrator files to production by automatically packaging the necessary fonts, linked graphics, and a package report in a single folder. This is a feature long-requested by our customers and we’re very happy to deliver it. The functionality is very similar to that found in Adobe InDesign.

Unembed images and Links panel enhancements

Quickly “unembed” images that have been placed and embedded into an Illustrator file for quick edits or for use outside of Illustrator. Automatically link them to their extracted PSD or TIFF files. Efficiently track and access complete information on any artwork placed within an Illustrator file, directly from the Links panel.


  • By Soheyl Malek Qashqai - 11:34 AM on August 28, 2012  

    Allow phonetic typing
    Hi, I’m one of the users software Photoshop and Illustrator. Use a lot of problems with my illustrator logo design vector design will solve. Space similar to the software that helped me to connect with my illustrator
    But I think it’s a comprehensive software for graphic design functionality based on vector pixels in a while I call it imaginative software: graphic tools,Gt,Mygyd what you suggested?

  • By Fausto Mauro - 1:53 PM on August 28, 2012  

    I can tell you one thing for sure Adobe have lost a customer for good. Not only is the current version of Illustrator a buggy piece of crap, they’ve now created two new classes of customers. Given what I’ve spent over the years for software updates and upgrades I never expected that my perpetual-license would be for a lite version of Illustrator. Time to look elsewhere for other software.

    • By Rufus Deuchler - 1:33 AM on August 29, 2012  

      Dear Fausto,
      I am sorry that you feel that way.
      With Adobe Creative Cloud, members not only gain access to all of the Adobe creative software, but also to services such as Business Catalyst and Typekit, and Touch Apps for tablet devices. Furthermore, as we publicly stated when we launched Creative Cloud earlier this year, one of the biggest benefits for Creative Cloud members (beyond the ones listed above) would be “early access” to the latest innovation from Adobe as it becomes available.
      Users, such as yourself, now have a choice, either become a Creative Cloud member, or purchase a traditional software license for CS6 products, depending on their necessities or needs. We will of course provide ongoing bug fixes and compatibility updates, if these are necessary, to everyone, as we’ve always done.


  • By Faust - 7:17 AM on August 29, 2012  

    Were waiting for Stagestack

  • By Mark Gould - 8:32 AM on August 29, 2012  

    Hi Adobe team,

    I do want to take this opportunity to express my frustration on one particular point. I’m very pleased with the Creative Cloud concept and service, very much so, and have been a long time Adobe user, teacher and evangelist. I’m disappointed in, for whatever reason(s), Adobe chooses to release and update Touch applications for the iPad while leaving Android customers waiting, without response to inquiries on various social media networks. It’s not for me to judge Adobe’s future marketing path, but I do feel that you are cutting out a rather large percentage of the the mobile/touch design market in doing so. There have been suggestions that the Android OS is just not stable enough to support the advances in your touch applications, in which case I think you should just say so. At some point I may just need to purchase an iPad, because I’d like access to Eazel and Ideas 2.0. But it would be good for we Android users to know if Adobe does plan to update Ideas, introduce Eazel, and roll out the full slate of Touch applications to Android customers. Thanks!

  • By Mike Denton - 2:15 PM on August 29, 2012  

    I see you’ve also taken a small step towards making the app look better in high resolution for those mac users with new retina display laptops… Nice =)

    Here’s hoping that other applications developed with Adobe Air will be able to do the same?

  • By Brian Chavez - 4:25 PM on August 29, 2012  

    I’m not at all thrilled with the “cloud” concept. Its as if though you are forcing me into purchasing more, when an application like AI should already have “Package Files, Unembed Images and Links Panel Enhancements”. Even your video starts off with the comment… “that’s actually a feature that has be asked for by our users for many, many years”. Yeah! I WAS ONE OF THOSE USERS IN THE MANY YEARS BUCKET! But, instead I’ve invested over $500 throughout the years and purchased Flightcheck.

    I currently own the CS6Master sweet and have been upgrading since CS3. Cha-ching, yeah, cha-ching. Now you want $30-50 extra a month, A MONTH… to get “extras” that should already be… M… So, whats next…? I can easily see ADOBE getting another bright idea to become the Comcast of software… You start at $30-50 a month to get people hooked, then in a matter of a few years it jumps to $200 a month.

    Come on…

    There has to be a better way to make me happy and give ADOBE what it wants… MONEY.

  • By Brian - 9:12 PM on August 30, 2012  

    Exclusive as in “exclusive” updates available ONLY for Adobe Creative Cloud, while I had invested many thousands of dollars in worth of investment in Adobe with EVERY upgrades with Adobe Creative Suite released to the market over the years.

    And, I was glad to make other investment in upgrading to the latest version of CS6 – Master Collection from CS5.5 Master Collection, so on… and from legacy versions of Master Collection in the past.

    Now, I realize that Adobe only make the latest release to Cloud customers like the most recent fancy release.

    Know what? It was a BIG slap in my face and I felt like that Adobe shoved up in my …

    In closing, I can assure you that CS6 *will* be my final investment with Adobe. I will NOT consider to upgrade to CSx in future.

    Do you know why I hold back on ‘renting’ software like Adobe Cloud service? Because Adobe mismanaged its resources and had developed a couple of new apps in CS5, now some of them no longer available in CS6. That is the reason why I refused to sign up with Adobe Cloud subscription.

    I like to have a “traditional” way of buying apps through Adobe store online, just has been in years. I had signed up and have a separate account with Typekit then Adobe acquired TypeKit…

    I have a benefit of deep doubts that Adobe Cloud is going to be in for a long time and I cannot see how it benefits general public given the state of economy. I see that traditional way of buying apps through Adobe Store online is more reasonable. THus, it is more reasonable for me to continue to purchase qualified upgrade versions to next traditional qualified upgrades for most valuable customers like myself and other creative professionals.

    Let me tell you this. I am truly deeply disappointed in Adobe being overly greed, selfish.

    I bid a final goodbye!

    Unless if Adobe people tell me and prove me wrong, tell me how.

    Good bye, Adobe.

    Long time die-hard Adobe customer for years, but not anymore!

    Good bye!

  • By Brian - 9:34 PM on August 30, 2012  

    By the way, I will consider seriously about contacting Canadian government regarding unfair business practices done by Adobe toward long-time Adobe customers.

    It is just so wrong!


  • By Matt - 11:04 AM on August 31, 2012  

    I am in instructor teaching Illustrator to graphic design students. We were told by Adobe not to use the Cloud in the education sector because there were still several issues with it that had not yet been resolved. So, instead we purchased over 100 copies of the Master Collection for each individual student and instructor.

    Now you are telling us that these new features are not going to be made available to us because we aren’t using the cloud. That just seems shady.

  • By kaley - 11:55 AM on August 31, 2012  

    it seems like people are confused. i’m pretty sure they’re saying that members of the cloud get EARLY access to this feature, and the rest of us will have to wait until it comes out to manually purchase the upgrade.

    me, i’m excited. i’ve been waiting for package in illustrator for years too!

  • By Brian - 1:03 PM on August 31, 2012  


    That is certainly your opinion, Kaley. According to what I had researched online – unofficial but rough raw data, that shows that ‘majority’ of creative designers in the industry have huge benefit of doubt on viable and feasible of Adobe Cloud.

    Have a great day!

  • By Brian - 1:06 PM on August 31, 2012  


    By the way, for all others who own Master Collection versions for years, including myself, in that case we ARE also registered customer with proper serialization and valid licenses of Adobe apps for years. To me, it is SAME principle with Cloud and the traditional way of owning apps. In the case of Cloud, you don’t “own” the apps, you are basically renting it, not OWN the app. Do you understand?

  • By JeanMichel Le Goff - 1:21 AM on September 3, 2012  

    These special features look very smart, but what about Indesign and Photoshop ?
    In InDesign linking files is very usefull to save space and when working with co-workers for illustrations…And I’m convinced than you could do the same thing in Photoshop. Imean, as you can work with dynamic layers, why it’s not possible to use linked file instead of embedded then in the PSD. The intrerest could be in smaller files, and also in dynamic update of some contents…
    Another idea about linked files:
    what about unembeding files by copying the pictures somewher in a shared space in the cloud, and linking them with an URL of type “http;//” instead of “file://” ?
    Working with the cloud could be a solution to avoid the problem of absolute path you have when you work in a Mac and PC environment.

  • By JIM KOZIAK - 2:14 PM on January 26, 2013  

    I am a new CCM member and am in gridlock as Illustrator will not update (21 ttys) and will not open on my Mac Book Pro. I am linking Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files. Additionally the Adobe Extension Manager will not update after a plethora of tries. Overall updates have been cumbersome and an issue. My membership is a multiple product version access to all apps, yet repeatedly I get notices that they are trial versions. On several occasions I have gone and repurchased the CCM and it then recognizes I have the full membership class. And then when I open certain applications depending on the weather and time of day it repeats the notion that I am only a trial member and that I have X days left. This situation alone is surreal, one would think that this would be the least expected bug in the CCM system, let alone have smooth access to apps and updates. I can see from other community remarks that CCM issues are ubiquitous.

    I’ll hand in there, but what a frustration and nobody to talk to nor have a chat with on the weekends. Why isn’t support a 24/7 after all of these years and reflecting the vanguard brand that Adobe has, it almost seems arrogant and insensitive.

    Cheers, Jim

  • By cham soc sac dep - 7:13 PM on July 29, 2013  

    I see you’ve also taken a small step towards making the app look better in high resolution for those mac users with new retina display laptops… Nice tours vietnam

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