by Sharon Milne


July 23, 2013

Top 5 Illustrator Tutorials on Vectortuts+ in June 2013


Welcome to this months catch up showcasing our favorite Adobe Illustrator tutorials available on Vectortuts+. Vectortuts+ is a blog of tutorials, articles and more on all things vector! We publish tutorials on techniques and effects to make awesome vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. My name is Sharon Milne and I’m the Editor of Vectortuts+ and it is my pleasure to share with the Adobe Illustrator community five of our most interesting and popular tutorials published during June 2013.

Create On-Trend Flat Type with a Nautical Theme in Adobe Illustrator

With this tutorial, Chris Carey will show you a few techniques you can use to adjust pre-made fonts and break them apart to create your own masterpiece in Illustrator.

You can check out more of his work over on deviantART.

Create a Dramatic Back-Lit Male Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

With this tutorial, Sharon Milne shows how she created a dramatic back-lit portrait from a stock image, using gradients and art brushes. It’s a relatively simple effect to achieve, as the shading is done by the type of gradients you’re going to use. You wouldn’t think you’d only use white transparent gradients to achieve this!

You can check out more of her work over on her portfolio, FacebookdeviantART and Behance.

How to Draw and Vector a Kawaii Vampire Chibi in Illustrator

With this tutorial, Mary Winkler is going to show you how to build a chibi character from scratch using the Shape Builder Tool (Shift-M), Pen Tool (P), transparent gradients, and more in Adobe Illustrator! The idea of a chibi character is to diminish the overall form, making it cute, big-eyed, and simplistic.

You can check out more of her work over on her portfolio,  deviantART and Behance.

Create a Futuristic Robot Helmet in a Line Art Style in Adobe Illustrator

With this tutorial, Aditya Permadi will show you how to create a detailed robot head in Illustrator. The tools he uses include: the Pen Tool (P), Ellipse Tool (L), Rounded Rectangle Tool and Eyedropper Tool (I). He will also be using Pathfinder panel and Outline Stroke options in the process. Patience is needed when creating such a detailed illustration.

You can check out more of his work over on deviantART and Behance.

Create a Mosaic, BBC-Inspired, Text Art Effect in Adobe Illustrator

With this tutorial, Andrei Marius shows how to create a colorful text effect in Illustrator. For starters, you’ll learn how to setup a simple grid and create a set of graphic styles using the Appearance panel and some basic effects. Next, using the Ellipse Tool and the Transform effect, you’ll learn how to create the pieces that will help you build the text. For the final touches you will learn how to create a scatter brush and how to use a built-in pattern or a pucker and bloat effect.

You can check out more of his work over on his portfolio and deviantART.

Spotlight: Adobe Kuler Integrated into Adobe Illustrator CC!

Usually every month we bring you a tutorial from the Vectortuts+ archives, however this month we want to talk about the new Adobe Kuler app and how Kuler is now integrated into Adobe Illustrator CC.

Capture Colors With the Adobe Kuler App for the iPhone

I’ve never hidden the fact I need help with creating palettes when it comes to anything from illustration work to icon design to decorating my home. You can be a skilled sketch artist and designer, but color theory is still something which can be hard to grasp. This is why the new Adobe Kuler iPhone app and it’s integration with Adobe Illustrator CC has me jumping for joy so much I’ve needed a new computer chair! Check out this article to find out more on the app and Kuler’s integration with Adobe Illustrator CC.


I hope you’ve been inspired by this months set of tutorials and there are plenty more over on Vectortuts+.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new tutorials published every weekday. Until next month, happy vectoring and all the best from the Vectortuts+ Author Team!


  • By Eric - 9:44 AM on July 23, 2013  

    Nice roundup, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    Can’t wait to try some of these. Thank you!

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