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December 9, 2015

Illustrator CC November 2015 updates to the Touch workspace

The latest 2015 release of Adobe Illustrator CC, which delivers Illustrator’s professional toolset for creating vector graphics, has new features for its Touch workspace. The Touch workspace is designed for Windows tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, or Windows desktop machines with touch capability, such as the HP Sprout, and exposes the core tools and controls for drawing and editing, optimized for multi-touch gestures and a pressure-sensitive pen.

Illustrator CC Touch workspace

New features for the Touch workspace in this release:

Shaper tool: Draw shapes with loose, natural gestures that transform into perfect geometric shapes. Then combine, delete, fill and transform basic shapes to create beautiful, complex shapes that stay fully editable. The Shaper tool is ideal for use on Windows touch devices using the Touch workspace. Learn more >

New Live Shapes: Ellipses, Polygons and Lines: More of the Illustrator Shape tools are now fully live, interactive and dynamically adjustable, so you can quickly craft vector shapes without having to apply effects or use other tools. Learn more >

Work more visually with Smart Guides: Enhanced Smart Guides let you perfectly align and space objects as you draw and move them, and new hinting helps you draw perfect shapes like squares and circles without using control keys, or extend a line along its trajectory.

Creative Cloud Libraries panel: Find content faster by searching across your libraries and across Adobe Stock. Import color swatches and color groups, save color themes from libraries to swatches and get support for paragraph styles, as well as deeper support for character styles. Learn more >

Additional features: Other updates include the option to easily zoom when using a mouse, and support for the dual touch surface of the HP Sprout: your Illustrator document is displayed on the 23-inch touch screen display, while the Touch workspace and your artwork is projected onto the Sprout’s capacitive touch mat.

Illustrator CC Touch workspace on HP Sprout

Illustrator CC Touch workspace on HP Sprout

Major features from previous releases:

Curvature tool: Draw refined curves and straight lines quickly and visually. Click once with the Curvature tool to place points and see the curve flex around them dynamically, or double-click to create corner points for straight lines. Edit using the same tool — no need to hassle with anchor points and handles. Learn more >

Join tool: Easily join paths that cross, overlap, or have open ends — and simultaneously trim unwanted segments — without affecting the original path trajectories. Learn more >

Find out more about working with the tools in Illustrator’s Touch workspace. Learn more >

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