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April 22, 2009

Mysteries of the Eraser Tool — Revealed!

Contributed by Brenda Sutherland, Illustrator Team Rowing Captain

In my last post, I talked about <a href=””>Pathfinder and how Illustrator uses the Pathfinder engine to power other great features as well. One of those features is the Eraser Tool, which erases away parts of an object as if were a vector Art Gum.

You might wonder how this could be tied to Pathfinder, and more importantly, how an understanding of its underlying technology will benefit you. Let me explain it this way; the tool can’t read your mind, although it might sometimes seem that way as it erases some objects and not others. I for one love a great mystery, but I think this tool will be even more useful to you if I demystified it by sharing how it works, what it’s limitations are, and the best ways around those limitations.

If you have used the tool, you have probably noticed that it’s very similar to a calligraphic brush. In fact, it can even be used with a pressure sensitive tablet to vary its size, angle and roundness. Double clicking on the tool opens up its Option dialog, where you can customize it’s settings.


The options dialog isn’t the only place were settings can be changed. Just like the Calligraphic Brush, the diameter can be changed by using the bracket keys, ] and [ respectively to increase and decrease the size.


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