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August 28, 2009

Illustrator and Snow Leopard

As a lot of you have heard, CS4 versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite apps have been tested with Snow Leopard and the few problems we found were mostly minor. For more a whole lot more info and perspective, read John Nack’s post “Adobe Snow Leopard FAQ”

This entry on Infinite Resolution meant to give you a bit more specific information about Illustrator. We have done extensive testing of CS4 on Snow Leopard, as well as a shorter set of tests with CS3. Although we certainly have not done the exhaustive tests with CS3 that we would need to do in order to say that we officially support this configuration, I can tell you that for the most part both CS4 and CS3 versions of Illustrator work well on Snow Leopard.

So, what problems have we found that you should know about?

  • Both .ai and .eps files saved from Illustrator open with Preview instead of Illustrator, until you tell the OS to use Illustrator for the file types. See this KB article for more details.
  • Saving files to a server through SMB protocol may cause crashes. This looks like it is not specific to Adobe applications. See this KB article

If any new information surfaces, I’ll update this blog to let you know.

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