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November 8, 2011

Showcasing Innovation @ Health 2.0 2011



As the fifth annual Health 2.0 conference recently kicked off in San Francisco, the vibe was electric and incestuously contagious; I felt it more with every interaction there.  The event, which focuses exclusively on celebrating innovations in health IT, continued its tradition of generating more buzz and excitement than the year before.  Just as impressive, though, was the humbling sense of community and shared purpose as evidenced by the launch of Health 2.0 MatchPoint, a program dedicated to matching young innovators with established organizations. Mark Smith, President and CEO of the California Health Care Foundation, expounded on the significance of the matching concept in his spirited keynote remarks.

Form new start-ups to household names like Adobe;  from public sector agencies to publically traded corporations, the diverse “Health 2.0” entities that were represented each embodied three common elements, according to conference co-founders Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya.

Those elements included (1) use of adaptable technology that integrates with the wider cloud and “unplatform” ecosystem, (2) a staunch focus on the user experience through design and usability, and (3) use of data to drive outcomes that improve health care through lowering cost, improving efficiency and improving intelligent decision-making.

On behalf of Adobe, I had the privilege of announcing the Innovation Showcase, featuring this year’s winners of the Health 2.0 Developers Challenge. The session was particularly special for me since I had the honor of standing on the same stage a year ago to accept the Developers Challenge Award for Adobe’s Blue Button solution for electronic health records at the US Veterans Administration (VA).

Since last year’s win, Adobe has been working closely with our partner community to nurture innovation throughout the healthcare ecosystem. During this year’s conference, I caught up with a couple such partners who leverage Adobe technologies as part of their own solutions.

CareCloud, a provider of cloud-based practice management and medical records solutions, incorporates Adobe technologies into their revolutionary Central product suite. CareCloud Central simplifies administrative processes like billing and insurance eligibility so that physicians in private practice can focus more on delivering patient care and improving outcomes.


Videum, a joint venture between Publicis Healthware International (PHI) and dotSUB with a planned launch in early 2012, leverages Adobe technology to offer global users the ability to share, search, and view video with healthcare content – in any language.  Such a game-changing portal, according to the press release, will provide a cost-effective solution for global healthcare communications using video online while providing unparalleled, universal access to content.

Overall, I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that Matt Holder and Indu Subaiya expressed in their welcoming statement, “Health care is everyone’s business and it is ultimately a vital and personal journey for all of us.”   I may be a little biased, but I cannot think of any better area to focus all our innovative resources than that of progressing the way we individually experience healthcare from own unique perspectives.

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