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December 22, 2011

Health Payers Turn to Adobe to Optimize Provider Contracting


Relationships between health payers and their provider networks have traditionally been complex on multiple levels. Until recently, such complexity was often apparent from the very start of each relationship, as tenuous onboarding processes forced new network providers to wait weeks before treating their first patients. Meanwhile, contractual agreements and related documents bounced back and forth for updates, approvals, and signatures.

However, this costly bottleneck has now been completely removed for many leading health payers as they launch solutions powered by Adobe EchoSign, a disruptive cloud-based technology for electronic signatures and contract management.

Since acquiring EchoSign, we have seamlessly integrated this pioneering solution into the Adobe document exchange services platform, including the ubiquitous Adobe Reader and newly launched iPad app, for securely providing universal service access while satisfying rigorous compliance requirements.

Impressive results throughout the global health payer community have been garnering attention in the public sector too, as Medicaid agencies and others face workflow challenges similar to their commercial counterparts.

At Aetna, where the average contract processing time was decreased from three weeks to one day, three-quarters of all contractual transactions with providers are now electronic. Additionally, Aetna has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, as well as costs associated with postage and paper. These changes helped Aetna earn the 2011 InfoWorld Green 15 Award, presented by International Data Group (IDG).

“As a health care benefits company, we also are focused on creating a healthy environment. Our paperless contracting is one way we are advancing this mission,” said Carl King, head of National Networks and Contracting Services for Aetna.

At Cigna, average onboarding times for new physicians and small practices have been cut in half. As their expansive provider network continues to grow at a rate of over 20,000 new providers per year, over a million pages of contracts are efficiently managed digitally with the auditable Adobe EchoSign solution.

“Electronic contracting expedites the overall contracting process for physicians and enables Cigna to more quickly add physicians to its growing network,” said Cigna’s Julie Vayer, Vice President, Health Care Professional Solutions.

At the end of the day, electronic contract management isn’t about placing the image of a signature into a document. Instead, it’s about optimizing business processes and driving results by facilitating transactions anyplace the customer may be, in as close to real time as practical.

And as Adobe responds to dynamic market needs with comprehensive digital media and digital marketing solutions that grow relationships, we are committed to making it easier for our customers to provide optimal experiences for their customers, on their terms.

I guess you could call it a sign of the times.