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Adobe Acrobat PDF Security Webinar

Government customers at all levels, federal, state & local and civilian agencies are always concerned about security. For good reason, according to an IDC report, nearly 36% of government agencies have experienced an information leak in the past 12 months. We know it’s a problem, but what tools can be used to help us stem the leaks of information?

Next week, on March 21st at 2 pm est, I will be delivering a webinar to address these points. I will be covering two major topic areas. The first, primarily for IT managers, will discuss application security in Adobe Acrobat and what this means to their agencies.

Screen shot of Protected Mode in Acrobat XI. If you don’t know what this means, join our webinar to learn.

The second area I will cover will be for users of Acrobat. I will discuss how to secure your PDF documents and how to remove sensitive information (commonly called redaction) from your PDF documents. I find many times users of Acrobat assume their PDF files are secure because they are a PDF. This is not the case. In Acrobat XI we can apply security at the onset of creating our PDF documents, which is a real time saver.

Security Information inside of a PDF file. If you have never set these, join us next week to learn about the settings.

Redaction is used heavily in the legal areas of government, district attorney and attorney general’s offices to name a few, but for most users they may not be familiar with this term or how to apply redaction in Acrobat. In our webinar, I will demonstrate these features.

I hope you will join me next week in our virtual seminar. For more information or to register, please go here.

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