September 4, 2013

Best Practices for Virtual Conferences

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Today, more and more agencies are looking to migrate in person events online.  These range from one-hour events to those spanning multiple days.  Many agencies have already succeeded in transitioning events online.  In fact, both NASA and the U.S. Naval Safety & Environmental Training Center have made great strides in this area and found success in doing so.

Leveraging an online collaboration tool like Adobe Connect can make this transition smooth and successful.

  1. Adobe Connect meeting rooms are persistent.  This allows meeting hosts and presenters to prepare poll questions, load presentations and more well in advance of the go-live date.  This same room can be used for any necessary dry run session(s) to ensure everyone is comfortable with the flow and material well in advance.
  2. Adobe Connect layouts allow for a smooth transition of content throughout the live, online event whether you have a single speaker or multiple.   In fact, creating a layout for every agenda topic and transition point is a great best practice.  This reduces the need to quickly bring up and arrange a new PPT deck on the screen or draft a new poll question on the fly.  Everything is arranged well in advance and the host can smoothly transition from the welcome lobby, to the introduction PPT, to poll questions, etc.
  3. The Adobe Connect Presenter Only Area is essential during large, online events for host and presenters to communicate and prepare material backstage (without impacting the live stage seen by all participants).

Please checkout the Adobe Connect Blog and Virtual Conference landing page for additional best practices and insight on how to migrate your next in person event online successfully.


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July 10, 2013

Adobe Connect: Emergency Response & Event Coordination

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Adobe’s online collaboration and eLearning platform, Adobe Connect, is not solely used for webinars and telework efforts.  It has also been used to help coordinate response efforts for emergency and planned events.  The Homeland Security Information Network, HSIN, has remarked on their use of Adobe Connect in support of the Boston response and Kentucky Derby in the May edition of The HSIN Advocate.  Here is a link to The HSIN Advocate and their recent use cases – http://content.govdelivery.com/bulletins/gd/USDHSIN-7d10c4.


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May 27, 2013

Adobe Connect: Supporting Virtual Summits & Breakouts

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A number of agencies I support have their own internal, Adobe Connect user group.  I was privileged to recently be a guest speaker at an agency’s user group meeting and hear how one organization was leveraging the tool.  Their thoughtful use of Adobe Connect technology to simulate their previous face-to-face summit blew me away, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

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March 29, 2013

Telework with Adobe Connect

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I engage with a variety of civilian agencies as they prepare to rollout their telework program.  Everyone is looking for a tool to support their mobile worker and provide them with an interactive, rich environment that includes video, audio and desktop sharing among many other features.  Multiple device and cross operating system support is also a requirement.  You never know who you will need to collaborate with online!

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March 1, 2013

Cost Avoidance with Adobe Connect

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Last week, you heard from my colleague, Scott Biegel, about his Adobe Connect roadshow through the states.   If you missed his post, I encourage you to review it and see when the show will be in your area!

As Adobe Connect Solutions Consultants, we have the privilege of hearing from all of you (our customers) about what is working, what’s not and how you are using our technology in amazing and unique ways.   Today, I wanted to share with you a fascinating use case I recently came across from one of my customers.

My customer, a civilian agency in downtown D.C., was asked to administer a timed, written exam to individuals in the U.S. and beyond.  Since they had Adobe Connect, they were able to satisfy this requirement in a timely, cost effective way by moving the exam online.  All participants of the exam were given instructions on how to login to the online Adobe Connect room at their specified time.  Because Adobe Connect allows participants to join from any location all they needed was an Internet connection, a standard web browser and the ubiquitous Flash Player.  It is also important to note that Adobe Connect is supported on all iOS and Android mobile devices via the free Adobe Connect Mobile app.


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