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Adobe Works with the State of Arizona to Make Child Support Services More Efficient

By Kumar Rachuri, Director of State and Local Government Solutions

At the end of 2015, the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) in the Arizona Department of Economic Security recognized the need to change the way they handled documents, received payments, and input data.

The standard process for DCSS were paper forms. Most handwritten forms were completed in person, in office, or mailed in.

This caused inaccuracy in documents and missing information. Forms were processed and scanned manually which took additional time that could have gone to more efficiently serving clients. And occasionally, due to manual filing and processing, documents were misplaced.

One of the Division’s key functions is to collect payment from the non-custodial parent (NCP) and disburse the monies to the custodial parent (CP). Evolving the payment process from the manual, error-prone, and paper-intensive process the team was accustomed to became a priority.

Ultimately, the DCSS team decided the benefits of going paperless and automating the workflow was the next step and sought a solution that would help streamline their processes and cut costs and labor for the agency.

“We reached out to Adobe to create a self-service ability for clients to check the status of their payments and to streamline our forms processes,” said Heather Noble, Assistant Director for the DCSS.

The team has used Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms and Sites, Adobe Customer Solutions, and leveraged Adobe Hosted and Managed Services to automate the workflow via a self-service enabled web portal and help with training and knowledge transfer to their staff.

“We’re currently in development. Some new forms have launched, and we have seen accuracy improving along with quicker processing time. From the end-user perspective, the process is very simple to use when qualifying or validating case documents,” Noble said.

Soon, DCSS clients will have a faster and more convenient experience when submitting forms and payments to the State of Arizona.

DCSS staff will benefit from an improved system in the back-end with a workspace that allows for fewer errors; ability to quickly approve, reject, or share information with coworkers; as well as maintain a clear audit trail.

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