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December 31, 2008 /About Adobe Government /

Contributor: Bobby Caudill


Since 2004, Bobby has been responsible for the global go-to-market strategies for all government solutions. As a government subject matter expert, Bobby acts as an evangelist for Government Business Transformation through technology. Based on his years of experience in designing and building collaborative systems and eLearning systems, he has developed several Government solutions focused on Business Transformation, Secure Information Sharing and Training/Collaboration.

Prior to joining Adobe, Bobby held CTO positions with Ikimbo and VCampus. With Ikimbo, Bobby pioneered concepts that put people back into previously automated business processes by integrating elements of BPM, Instant Messaging, and collaboration. When combined, these elements allowed for a more rapid response to ever changing business environments by gathering the necessary resources, (people – based on presence and availability) into an online collaboration session and providing actionable information to drive better decision making.

During his tenure with VCampus, Bobby was the vision behind one of the world’s first fully hosted eLearning environments. Bobby and his team of developers were responsible for creating an environment that was conducive to learning, teaching, engaging and creating using nothing more than early web technologies.

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