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The day after his inauguration, President Obama issued a memo calling for an "unprecedented level of openness in Government."  Many agencies are going through the process of identifying what open government and transparency mean to their operations.  Others are already in execution mode – including the US Department of State. 

In early March, the State Department broadcast
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s address to the European Parliament.

More recently, President Obama’s Town Hall meeting in Turkey was available for world citizens to view online – and provide comments and feedback.

Both of these meetings were conducted using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. Acrobat Connect Pro allows the State Department, a geographically dispersed organization, to bring together agency staff and the public in live virtual meetings.  Attendees can provide immediate feedback and meetings can be recorded for future viewing.  By providing the public with access to official events, the State Department is doing its part to make government more open and encourage public participation.

For more information on Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro in action, check out the blog

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