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October 24, 2011

Adobe Europe at the European Ministerial eGovernment Conference

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Adobe Europe is proud to sponsor the coming eGovernment Conference which will take place in Poznań, Poland. This event, hosted under the Polish Presidency of the European Union and happening every 2 years only, will be accompanied by an Informal Meeting of EU Ministers responsible for eGovernment.

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September 26, 2011

eGovernment and Adobe’s Digital Enterprise Platform — Interview with Gilles Polin, Head of Government EMEA

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April 28, 2011

Adobe Government U.K.: New webinar on Delivering and Designing Intuitive Online Services

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How can we address digital exclusion and encourage the mass channel shift to low cost online service delivery that we all need?

Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, is calling for ‘e’ Revolution not Evolution with online becoming “the first point of contact” for public services. And the new Government ICT strategy states that the government “will work to make citizen-focused transactional services ‘digital by default’ where appropriate” – but enable a network of ‘assisted digital’ service providers for those who are unable to access this brave new world.

There is, however, much work to do in understanding the user’s needs and experience of online public services with the goal of making them simple and accessible to all.

On the panel:

  • Graham Walker, Government Director for UK Digital Champion (Martha Lane Fox)
  • Dr Lorna Peters, Connect Digitally, Department for Education and Hertfordshire
  • Gilles Polin, Adobe’s European Head of Government Solutions
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, UKauthorITy and ITU magazine

An on demand version of the webcast is available from this link.

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