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January 31, 2012

The right to vote. The responsibility to verify.

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Health Reform, Medicare funding, economic matters, illegal immigration, national defense, foreign policy, and the list goes on…

There is no shortage of issues for American voters to consider when casting their ballots in this year’s presidential election. In fact, all the candidates (including the president himself) have been working hard to ensure their positions are clear and their messages resonate as they plead their cases to be commander-in-chief for the next four years.

However, campaign speeches and heated debate performances sometimes contain rhetoric that is sprinkled with embellishments and vague inaccuracies. Regardless of political affiliation, most people agree that it’s impossible to make educated decisions without fact-based research.

To help weed through the maze of politicians’ attention grabbing sound bites and unsubstantiated claims, countless voters have turned to PolitiFact, a non-partisan journalistic organization whose mission is to use the Web to help citizens “find the truth in politics.”

Since winning the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2009, PolitiFact has surged in popularity. In turn, they looked to Adobe technologies to extend their online reach and enlighten the masses through data visualization and an engaging mobile experience for iOS, Android, and the Blackberry Tablet OS.



“The new PolitiFact Mobile app repackages our extremely rich data to present it in creative and helpful ways,” says Bill Adair Editor, PolitiFact, and Washington bureau chief, St. Petersburg Times.

And in June 2011, PolitiFact was named the #1 news app in the iTunes store; proof that more than ever, in the hands of the people (across multiple digital channels), knowledge is power.


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June 30, 2011

Adobe reforms the experience of accessing health care

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Last week, we launched the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP) for customer experience management (CEM) — a unified suite of solutions for managing multi-channel digital experiences that transforms how enterprises attract, engage, and service today’s digitally immersed consumer.

Launch announcements occurred simultaneously in several major venues, including Enterprise 2.0 in Boston, JAX Developers Conference 2011 in San Jose, and Forrester’s 2011 Customer Experience Forum in New York (where Adobe was also presented with Forrester’s “Voice of the Customer” Award).

At the State Healthcare IT Summit in the Washington DC area, I had the privilege of announcing the launch of ADEP to an exclusive audience of government policy makers as well as Healthcare IT executives and thought leaders.

The announcement was met with enthusiasm and excitement as our government audience discovered for themselves the possibilities that ADEP provides in real-world applications throughout healthcare and government. And the timing couldn’t have been better, considering President Obama’s recent executive order for agencies to streamline service delivery and improve customer service. The president is tasking agencies to leverage technology in order to keep pace with the private sector.

To demonstrate how the new Adobe platform can help achieve such improvements, along with measurable results, I provided a detailed presentation of our new solution for Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX). These exchanges, a central mechanism of Health Reform, are state-facilitated online marketplaces that allow small businesses and citizens to research, compare, and enroll in health care plans provided by private insurance companies (or Medicaid, if the applicant is eligible).

In order to be successful, health insurance exchanges will need to provide applicants with consistent experiences, regardless of their eligibility determination, device of choice, or mode of communication.

The Adobe HIX solution delivers an engaging experience at every point along the consumer’s lifecycle (learn, validate, decide, use, commit) by incorporating each of the corresponding ADEP modules: Web Experience Management, Social Brand Engagement, Selection and Enrollment, Unified Workspace and Customer Communication. Other primary customers of the exchange (HIX administrators and health payers), and their related experiences were reviewed in detail as well.

This is the first installment of a three-part series to provide coverage of my time spent at the 2011 State Healthcare IT Summit. Check back soon for more on the summit, including interviews with state executives as they share their approaches to HIX.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments and on Twitter @AdobeGov and @AdobeCEM.

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April 28, 2011

Adobe Government U.K.: New webinar on Delivering and Designing Intuitive Online Services

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How can we address digital exclusion and encourage the mass channel shift to low cost online service delivery that we all need?

Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, is calling for ‘e’ Revolution not Evolution with online becoming “the first point of contact” for public services. And the new Government ICT strategy states that the government “will work to make citizen-focused transactional services ‘digital by default’ where appropriate” – but enable a network of ‘assisted digital’ service providers for those who are unable to access this brave new world.

There is, however, much work to do in understanding the user’s needs and experience of online public services with the goal of making them simple and accessible to all.

On the panel:

  • Graham Walker, Government Director for UK Digital Champion (Martha Lane Fox)
  • Dr Lorna Peters, Connect Digitally, Department for Education and Hertfordshire
  • Gilles Polin, Adobe’s European Head of Government Solutions
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, UKauthorITy and ITU magazine

An on demand version of the webcast is available from this link.

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April 26, 2011

Adobe Government U.K.: New Webinar on ID and Authentication for Online Services

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Are solving the issues of effective identity and authentication pre-requisites to delivering channel shift to low cost online public services?

The future of public services is most definitely digital: confirmed last month in the Government’s new ICT strategy. Indeed, in the Age of Austerity the potential for reducing the costs of service delivery by a switch to digital is too great to miss – but unless we can securely deliver the right service to the right people we risk even greater waste through fraud and further contact.

The London Borough of Brent has been trialling a new concept – the Mydex citizen data store – along with exploring use of the Government Gateway; Enfield, meanwhile, has implemented a new corporate authentication service with help from Serco and GB Group. The panel explored the benefits and pitfalls of getting ID and authentication right.

On the panel:

  • Dane Wright, IT Strategy Manager at the London Borough of Brent
  • Lee Grafton, Serco and Enfield’s GB Group identity solution
  • Gilles Polin, Adobe’s European Head of Government Solutions
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, UKauthorITy and ITU magazine

An on demand version of the Webcast is available from this link.

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