Major lessons from observing user workflows

We recently asked Create with Context (CWC), an independent research and design company, to conduct lab studies of four important user workflows involving Adobe products. We wanted to understand the effectiveness of the learning experience around these workflows, and figure out how to improve them.
We learned three important lessons that we think will apply across every workflow and learning experience using Adobe products and learning resources:
* Users would prefer _not_ to learn something new in the middle of their work. Rich learning experiences like this one for Flex are good for advancing your skills — you need something different when you just want to get something done. We need to find ways to deliver appropriate content quickly, while still offering rich resources when people have time for them.
* Users are in a big hurry and read as little as possible. This matches what we know from prior research. The tricky part is that some of the time, users need to read in order to get what they’re looking for. How far can we boil down our content? How can we help users understand when it’s actually worth reading?
* Users may not know the technical language for the techniques they want to learn. This is a big obstacle to effective searching! We need to figure out how to connect the words people use to describe what they are looking for with the words used in learning materials.
Coming soon: The methodology behind these lessons

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