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We’re hiring! Updated: Req is closed

The Community Help & Learning (CHL) group works with the broader Adobe community to identify and provide Adobe learning and troubleshooting content. As we expand further into mobile, social and online communication channels, our content and community leads increasingly need ways to illuminate the customer experience.

We are the Learning Research group within Community Help & Learning (CHL), and here’s what we get to do all day in support of the CHL vision:

  • Identify and measure our success – How well do we provide the information users need, in the way they need to get it?
  • Collaborate with our content and community leads to move toward success
  • Conduct design research – Collaborate with research scientists & engineers on iterative investigation toward technical solutions
  • Decision support – Should we spend money on a solution? How could we test to find out?
  • Understand the big picture – staying abreast of search optimization, social and online communication, mobile content, online ethnographic methods and whatever else comes our way.

We’re looking for two colleagues, one a recent (or soon) graduate for a full-time internal Learning Researcher position, and one a more senior person coming in as a contractor.  Both should have background in multiple research methods (such as quant, ethnographic, user) and understand measurement in the context of social/online communication, mobile content, or maybe both!

Join our team! To view the job posting for the contractor position, please visit here or here. The full-time recent graduate position has not yet been posted. We will update with the link when it is available, but contact Jill Merlin, to get started if you’re too eager to wait for the official posting.

Welcome to the Adobe Learning Research Blog!

In this blog, members of the Learning Research team at Adobe will post about a variety of topics. The main purpose of the blog is to inform customers about how we use data to improve our learning resource offerings. We’ll post about our methods, about current projects, and about decisions made by the Learning Resources group based on our findings. We really do use what we learn from you, and we hope you’ll continue to tell us what we need to know!
Our team is:
Meg Gordon, Learning Researcher
Diana Joseph, Learning Research Manager
Rob Liebscher, Senior Research Analyst
Lindsay Oishi, Learning Research Intern
Ya Ting Teng, Learning Research Intern