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De-stress for success

March 29, 2011

Caption: Adobe San Jose, India and Hong Kong employees taking time to enjoy this unexpected treat. Special shout out to Adobe’s Benefits team for organizing this wonderful event.

Adobe held its first ever Massage-a-Thon this month. Employees were treated to 15-minute massages by professional massage therapists throughout a couple of days in various locations. Over 1,000 employees across our Boston, Hong Kong, India, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and Ottawa offices took the opportunity to de-stress and enjoy some healthy snacks.

Jackie L-O, quality engineering manager in our San Jose campus, sent a wonderful note to the HR team — “Thank you Adobe HR for organizing the recent Massage-A-Thon. I have already seen benefits resulting from this exercise across our team in the form of positive energy and a sense of well-being. Even these “small” things make a big difference. I appreciate it, but mostly my team does.”

The successful Massage-a-Thon will be heading to Orem and New York next.

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