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Adobe San Francisco welcomes family and friends

March 31, 2011

Adobe employees work hard, but they also enjoy spending time together and meeting each other’s families. The recent Family Fun Night hosted in our San Francisco office is a good example. Inspired by a similar event in the Seattle office, the evening included great food, arcade games, and the main event, a Pinewood Derby. Over 60 cars were built by employees and their families, some meeting strict requirements for competitive racing and others preferring to show off their creative sides.

“My two daughters were looking forward to it for the past two weeks,” said Mike C., Principal Product Manager. “They had a blast building their cars, and were super excited when they each came in second during their races.”

As you can see from the photos, the races were the highlight of the evening. “This was a really fun event, even for those of us without kids,” Rosana F., Program Manager in Community Help and Learning, mentioned.

After giving away over a dozen trophies to winners in a variety of creative categories, it was clear this event is destined to become a regular occurrence. “I’m 10 years old again and loving it. Best way ever to end the work week!” said Philip C., Sr. Design Manager.

Contributed by: Matt C., Sr. Manager, Creative and Interactive Solutions Business Unit, and Tasha K., Executive Assistant.
Photos courtesy of: Jeff R., Localization Engineer, and Andrea N., Product Marketing Manager.