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Intern Life – Part 3: Farewell and stay in touch…

August 25, 2011

Our intern season is coming to an end in many regions around the globe. A happy ending. Some interns are going to continue working at Adobe for a few more months, but most are about to say goodbye, pack their bags, and get ready to head back to school.

We took the opportunity to ask our interns to share what their expectations were of their internships; what excited them about being part of the Adobe family; how their internship experience will prepare them for their future careers; why did they choose to intern with us, as well as perks and benefits they enjoyed using during their term. Here’s what they had to say…

Q: What were your expectations when you decided to take this internship opportunity and are your expectations being met at Adobe?
“Adobe provides a large variety of learning materials, friendly and helpful colleagues, as well as several opportunities and challenges. I can learn here and improve myself in so many ways! I am ecstatic!” Claudia R., HR Intern, Romania

“I was very interested in digital imaging and was excited to join the Photoshop development team as an intern where I’m learning so much about image processing.” Yuji J., Photoshop Development Intern, Japan

“It has exceeded my expectations. I am doing so much more than I expected. I have been involved in campaigns and actively involved in meetings and given responsibility to make decisions in some circumstances.” Emma P., Marketing Communications Intern, London

Q: How do you think this internship experience will prepare you for your career?
“By gaining experience on working in a team, facing real tasks and gaining faith in my own capabilities.”
Andreea H., Software Engineer Intern, Romania

Q: Why have you chosen to intern at Adobe?
“Adobe products like Photoshop and After Effects left an awesome impression on me. I’m attracted to this company because it is well-known for its innovation.” Aiwu M., Flash Runtime Intern, China

“It is said that if you want to become a good specialist, you have to go where the best professionals are.
I took this as a good advice by interning at Adobe.” Iulius C., Software Engineer Intern, Romania

Q: What perks/benefits have you used during your internship term?
“The hammock, the books, all the resources for learning that Adobe provides.” Nicolae D., Video and Online Market Intern, Romania

“The ‘career lighthouse’  sessions that offered an opportunity for one-on-one communication with experienced employees and knowledge-sharing meetings with other participants.” Aiwu M., Flash Runtime Intern, China

“Discounted gym membership and software discounts.” Josh L., Marketing Communications Intern, London

Q: What do you like the most about Adobe?
“It’s excellent. Adobe develops top-of-the-art products.” Victor U., Tech Intern in Adobe WebKit Team, Romania

“I like the people here, they are open to conversation and they share their knowledge.” Catalin D., Computer Scientist on the Medici Team, Romania

“All employees at Adobe are so kind and nice including my manager, my mentor, and all other colleagues.
They gave me a lot of support and encouragement.” Xin L., QE Intern, China

On behalf of Adobe, we wish all our interns the very best as they work towards completing their degrees and finding rewarding careers! We hope that the Adobe internship has made an impact on your future and we look forward to staying in touch with you.

Blog written and video produced by Kam A. Special thanks to Allison W., Tracey H., Cristina M., Silvia P., and Claudia M. for also contributing to this piece.