Sneak Peek of Adobe Digital Experiences

September 14, 2011

After months of planning and construction, Adobe’s new Customer Experience Center (CEC) has opened its doors in San Jose, United States, and Maidenhead, United Kingdom (New York up next). The new CEC gives customers an intimate look at how Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. These centers are designed to provide an interactive and immersive experience of Adobe digital experiences from the beginning to the end of a visit.

“The concept of the new CEC space was really centered around creating a digital showcase,” said Siri L., senior Brand Strategist at Adobe. “We want our customers to experience the brand through our digital experiences and leave the CEC with a better understanding of our solutions. The space is engaging.”

Here are some snapshots from our San Jose CEC:

The two-story loft-style space features six digital experiences available for customers to explore:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Adobe Youth Voices
Ten projects, created by young digital artists from around the world are featured within a multi-touch user interface.

Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM)
Visitors can explore and interact with the AMDM website via a touchscreen monitor.

Customer Wall
Twenty six monitors present slowly evolving animation sequences, each gradually revealing a variety of Adobe customer logos.

Digital Living Room
Adobe-enabled entertainment media showcase our partnership with leading equipment providers in a living room setting.

Device Garden
Visitors can interact with a variety of smartphones and tablets enabled with Adobe applications. .

Hero Experience
Guests can interact with the “Adobe &” brand campaign in a multi-touch environment.

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