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Learn, Grow and Lead at Adobe

December 1, 2011

Smart candidates know that growth opportunity is one of the most important considerations when reviewing the potential employers. Smart candidates are always looking for opportunities to get better, get smarter, and have a greater impact in addition to learning, growing and leading. So, as an applicant, how can you determine which companies are committed to learning and development? Start with the organization’s learning function.

At Adobe, we have an excellent learning culture. Recently, we were nominated as the Gold recipient of the 2011 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards for the Best Learning Team. For over 20 years, Brandon Hall Group has worked with more than 10,000 clients globally delivering world-class solutions to drive organizational performance for emerging and large organizations. Adobe joins the past Gold winners including Lockheed Martin, United Health Care, PepsiCo, Accenture, and KPMG. The Best Learning Team award recognizes the teamwork and team accomplishments of learning professionals in a workplace environment.

We were chosen because:

  • We are social: We launched a global learning blog that was read more than 6,500 times and ranked as the 3rd most internally read blog.
  • We are mobile: We implemented our first mobile learning solution use QR codes with Get Abstract Book Summaries.
  • We create teaching opportunities: We have over 100 leaders as teachers who are panelists, management development facilitators and speakers on leadership topics.
  • We are internal customers: We leverage, evangelize and experiment with our own Adobe solutions.
  • We visit external customers: We go on customer visits to provide the “practitioner’s perspective”.

We are team. We take time to celebrate the big stuff and let go of the small stuff. Congratulations to our Global Learning team!  

Article contributed by Justin M., Sr. Learning Technologist