New Year. New Beginnings.

January 25, 2012

The new year is never complete without resolutions and we all give this some thought whether in written form or mental notes. Symbolic of new beginnings, we asked some employees across the globe to share some of their New Year’s resolutions with us.

Katie H., Director of Licensing Programs
San Jose, CA, USA

My corporate goal for 2012 is to continue to develop and apply the best practices I’ve learned from the Adobe Managing Essentials Leadership program.

My personal goal is to keep running for my own health and fitness, and help others at Adobe to run and help their health. I will try and run at least one ½ marathon this year, and am considering trying a duathlon. We’re getting a Team Challenge (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation) team again together at Adobe. And we’re also getting The Relay (Organs R Us) team together.

Robert S., Field Marketing Manager for Creative Suite
Tokyo, Japan

Making a resolution once a year is always not enough. Especially when it comes to your own career resolution.

Last year my resolution was the 5 P’s:
1. Be positive
2. Be precise
3. Be proactive
4. Be productive
5. Be patient

My 2012 career resolution is quite similar to 2011, but I made it more simple:
1. In any situation, I will always assume success
2. I will stop expecting the impossible of myself

On the personal side, I hope to stay healthy and wish to find someone to get engaged with 🙂

Bhanu P., Member of Technical Staff, Captivate Team
Bangalore, India

My resolutions for 2012…
Career: Bringing new innovations to the industry. I would like to get a good understanding of the software product development and design patterns and try not be “Yet Another Employee” but to make my presence felt. 😉

Personal: Learn to play the guitar. I have been thinking of doing this for a while now. I have finally started.

Achievement: Joining Adobe was my biggest achievement in 2011 as I have earned the opportunity to work with a lot of smart people.

Debbie Y., APAC Insights and Operations Analyst
Sydney, Australia (originally from San Francisco)

Career: Every year I write my objectives as it relates to my role and how it aligns to the goals of the business. This year, my resolution is to make time for personal development along with my business objectives. There are a lot of internal resources available at Adobe that include trainings, education materials, research papers, and talks. I don’t always take advantage of these opportunities because it’s easy to prioritize work tasks over these things. My goal will be to dedicate at least an hour a month to personal development time. In fact, I will make sure to schedule a recurring reminder in my calendar for 2012.

Personal: I have some personal resolutions that make an appearance every year: lose 5 lbs., read a book every month, learn a language, and travel to 2 new countries. However, this year my resolution is to stay put and explore the country that I am in. 2012 will be my second year living abroad in Australia and I will be carrying over my 2011 resolution of embracing the new country that I call home. In 2011, I traveled within New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. In 2012, I will continue my Aussie adventure by visiting Western Australia and the Northern Territory. I also need to visit the iconic Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. By the end of 2012, I probably will have traveled more within Australia than my own home country in the US! It is easy to take the place you live in for granted because it feels within easy reach. The year I return to the US, I will make it my resolution to explore the country with the same bright eyes I have when I explore Oz.

Viraj C., Director Engineering
Noida, India

Career: Contribute to a significant revenue opportunity for Adobe, either through product or feature innovation or through quality leadership. In fact, this has always been my career goal, regardless of the years that have gone by…, so will keep striving for that.

Personal: Continue to have loads of fun, visit lots of places (already covered 2 new cities in the 1st week!), more adventure sports, better my half-marathon time this year, continue my fitness regime that I started late last year and remain fit and healthy through the year, and spend quality time with my family.

Amanda W., Group Program Manager – Omniture
Beijing, China

Career: FY12 is a challenge/stretch year for me. I am leading a rapidly growing team with team members from various internal and external groups. I will focus on hiring, mentoring and keeping top talent to establish an effective and organic organization. Also, I need to work with all team members to foster an expertise center on vertical areas from technologies to products in order to build up the China team’s key competency in the industry.

From a self-development perspective, I would like to improve my product, domain and business knowledge in the online marketing industry. I want to be a business expert in this area and have the ability to fully understand customer’s needs. Meanwhile, I’d like to continue learning new technologies in web application related areas; getting familiar with cutting-edge technologies to be used in web application development, deployment, testing, massive data processing, etc. I also believe understanding my peers’ culture, working model and pattern of behavior is also important to improving my effectiveness at work.

Personal: My aspiration is to have a happy family and for my kids to grow up and become healthy, responsible and independent social people. Feeling a sense of achievement everyday makes me happy.


We hope the stories above have inspired you. There’s still time to map out goals for this year, both from a personal and career perspective. If you have an interesting approach to achieving your career aspirations, do share them with us.

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