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Living a dream

February 8, 2012

Rob's enjoying his Japan adventure
Rob's enjoying his Japan adventure

When Facilities Manager Robert K. was granted scholarships to study Mandarin in Shanghai and Taipei, he realized his passion for international business and found a way to live his dream!

Today, he resides in Tokyo, Japan, as Adobe’s Asia Pacific Facilities Manager, and here’s his career story…

Robert began his career at Adobe in 2007 as a temporary employee stocking beverage coolers and coordinating small furniture projects in the San Diego office. However, he didn’t stay there long. His drive to take on additional assignments and build global relationships earned him a full-time position in 2009 and today, he’s lending his talents as head of Asia Pacific Facilities.

Creating Global Connections
Soon after joining Adobe, Robert worked with Facilities Managers Eric K. and Mike G. to completely redesign our Global Workplace Solutions (GWS) website on our intranet. During that process of building out the main GWS portal and eight large site-specific portals (there are now ten), it became apparent that Asia could use more consistent support. Robert’s previous experiences in Asia allowed him to open doors and establish relationships, eventually leading him to his current role of managing Asia Pacific Facilities.

“When we had projects in APAC, such as site expansions, I would get involved to help bridge the communication gap,” Robert explains. “I then became more principally involved in design development and construction project management, which led to facilities operations and improving the employee experience.”

Making an Impact
After the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, Robert worked closely with other members of Facilities, Security, and Supply Chain Operations to develop a supply chain strategy to import emergency supplies to our Tokyo office. Already in process at the time, Robert’s relocation was finalized in August with the support of his management team and he moved out in September 2011 to coincide with the successful completion of the Tokyo office renovation project.

Robert is always looking ahead and envisions implementing many of the same programs that we have in North America, but tailored for his Asia Pacific customers.

Settling into Life Abroad
In the meantime, Robert takes two trains to work every day and is settling into daily life in Tokyo. “It is never easy to pack up and move but the staff in Tokyo has made the difference,” Robert mentioned. “Everybody has been so kind.” To help with cultural assimilation, Robert is taking Japanese language lessons, participates in the local CSR team, and has even joined a weekly basketball team. “For however long I am here, I want to know that I gave myself every opportunity to adapt.”

Career Advice
Robert’s best advice for achieving your career goals is to define what you want. He explains, “I always knew I wanted to work internationally. Adobe is a very encouraging place to work and there were individuals within the company that were willing to support my goal. If you make it known what you want to achieve, people will be excited to help you.”

Robert also suggests strongly considering any opportunity as it arises. Of his experience, he reflects, “How would I feel in 20 years if I didn’t take this opportunity?”

If you’re considering a rewarding career, we invite you to explore opportunities at Adobe.