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Celebrating Adobe’s 10,000th Employee

April 11, 2012

Melissa D., planning and enablement lead for Global Marketing, has only worked at Adobe since Monday, April 2, but she’s already making company history. Melissa is Adobe’s 10,000th employee. It’s a growth milestone in a year full of milestones – we’re celebrating Adobe’s 30th anniversary and recently marked Illustrator’s 25th and Adobe Japan’s 20th anniversary as well.

In the midst of an office full of fresh supplies and half-unpacked boxes, Melissa shared her excitement about her new role and being part of an environment, which she described as “genuine and high achieving.”

Our 10,000th employee has the large task of overseeing the marketing planning process for business units, regions and campaigns. Melissa will also have a hand in sharpening skills of Adobe’s Global Marketing employees through professional development offerings. Her 19 years of marketing and strategic planning at Hewlett-Packard have prepared her well for this role.

She admitted that she’s been a fan of Adobe from afar for a while, and had some advance knowledge of Adobe’s values, strategy and offerings, but it came from an unlikely source. Melissa served as the director of strategic planning for the Children’s Discovery Museum over the last year. In that position she had the opportunity to meet our CFO Mark Garrett, who sits on the museum’s board, and attend board meetings with him. The museum shares the values of its board members and when she heard Adobe’s values , they resonated with her. She also got to see Adobe at work through a youth program we sponsor at the museum.

These factors, combined with a job opportunity that “checked every box,” led Melissa to leap at the new job with Adobe. “I’ve had a chance to be exposed to Adobe’s creative environment and see its community involvement at work. Those were two very important considerations for taking the job.”

It seems Melissa was destined to work here. She said she even parked at the San Jose Adobe office while working at the museum! In her first week, she’s been focused on getting set up, doing stakeholder interviews and getting to know her new team. Overall , her first impressions have been great. “I’ve worked at really large companies and very small ones and I think Adobe has the best of both worlds,” she shared.

Fun Facts About Adobe’s Growth
* It took nearly five years from Adobe’s founding to reach 100 employees and 12 years to cross the 1,000 employee mark in 1994
* Adobe hit the 5,000 employee mark in 2005 with the acquisition of Macromedia and then doubled in size in the following seven years