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Getting to know Adobe’s University Talent Team…

May 2, 2012

I’m excited to blog that over the next several months you will be hearing more from our University Talent team! Stories about our people, including introductions of our bloggers, the Adobe culture, and environment, fun things that are happening here, interesting tidbits about us, along with recruiting tips and up-to-date news on our campus visits will soon be available for your viewing pleasure.

Now a little about me, my introduction…. My journey to Adobe was a long one, close to 12 years in the making. Because I didn’t get the job the first time I applied to Adobe! I was far less experienced and battling in a very tough market, a tragedy of the bust. Instead, I landed a job at New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI), now home of Tesla. It was a fantastic learning experience. The way the organization was set-up was quoted in text-books and case studies for it’s amazing efficiencies. I then continued my career journey to a large consulting firm and a couple of tech companies. Learning more and more, and expanding my skills with each move. Then out of the blue, I was recruited by Adobe from my LinkedIn profile. I felt at home right from the very first interview and the more people I met, the more excited I was about the opportunity. I was lucky to be offered to join as Head of University Talent and now happy to be part of a fantastic company filled with smart, fun and genuinely kind people all around the globe. The free snacks and sodas definitely don’t hurt.

To kick things off, here are some pointers from my experience and journey to Adobe:
• Do more than dust off your LinkedIn profile (if you’ve not done so already) – it’s one of the first places employers go to learn more about you. Make it impactful and relevant. First impressions matter.
• If you’re interviewing at Adobe, expect to encounter very pleasant and smart individuals BUT be prepared for some tough questions. Don’t worry, if you’ve done your research, you’ll be off to a good start.
• Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to talk about some of your biggest failures. Why? It’s important for us to understand what you learned out of those battle scars. It’s good to celebrate failures and move on.
• Maintaining the Adobe culture is important to everyone here. We want individuals who embody our values

Those are some pointers from me. I’m thrilled that you soon will be meeting the rest of our University Talent team via their own blog posts, sharing their personal experiences and also to help you along the way in your own career journey.

I hope you will enjoy meeting us and see you on-campus!

Lisa Reckis
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