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University Talent Success Story: Sachin S.

May 23, 2012

Adobe’s products and services make an impact worldwide and our need for the very best talent extends far beyond the Silicon Valley. In this month’s University Talent Success Story, we will learn about Sachin S., a very skilled Computer Scientist based in Noida, India.

What initially got you interested in Adobe?
Adobe always had a great brand name at my college. We used Adobe products, and we were located relatively close to the Adobe site so it made it an ideal company to work for. When I was a student, Adobe was known as one of the most prestigious companies to work for – it was my dream company.

How did you get your job at Adobe?
I had done an internship with Adobe in my seventh semester of school and was hired to work at Adobe starting in May of 2004. I started as a member of the core services team and then moved over to the print team about three years later and have been on that team for five years. I have now been at Adobe a total of about eight years and still love it!

What makes Adobe such a great place to work after all of these years?
People here are good and very talented. The workplace is very flexible and has a very open culture so you can talk with any manager.

What do you do now?
I work with the print engine. I think of new features and find ways to keep up with the constant changes in hardware. I look for ways to do things like increasing the number of pages that can print per minute – I have a goal of increasing the rate 20% each year. I also come up with new product ideas

What was your first week on the job like?
Expectations were high – you get the responsibility of working on a product millions of people are using. You feel like you need to be really careful not to break anything or do anything that would frustrate the consumers – that’s a lot of pressure. I felt supported though because people at work were always willing to help.

What’s the coolest project you have worked on here?
When I was on the core services team, I created filters for the import and export of file formats into
In Design and Illustrator. Office 2008 had “docx” which was in XML format instead of binary. I was asked to write a new filter to import into In Design and Illustrator from the XML format. I got to write it from scratch! Now I can say I was the one who wrote that. Super cool!

What is your favorite part about working at Adobe?
I like the flexibility to work when I want to work, and I like the open culture. I am free to express my feelings and ask questions. I also like the great feeling of working on products millions of customers are using.

What do you do for fun out there?
I like recreational activities like going to the gym and playing table tennis. I also like reading the newspaper and playing indoor games. I work in Noida but live in Delhi so there are a lot of amusement parks and malls. Every quarter we also have a team event at the Adobe site here.

What advice do you have for undergrads and graduates looking for their future career?
Come to Adobe! It’s a great place to work where you are rewarded for your work. You should also follow your passion – you will do well if you work on what you like to do. You can do anything for a short time, but for the long term – do what you like.

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