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Charity Golf Tournament

May 30, 2012

This month’s charity golf tournament gave Adobe employees a chance to showcase their golf expertise while raising money for a charitable cause.

Matt Thompson, our Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, was in the region visiting Adobe Japan in early May for the street launch of Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6. During Matt’s trip, Craig Tegel, President of Adobe Japan, and the Channel Sales Team, arranged a charity golf tournament to raise funds for future Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. As common practice, the Adobe Japan team makes donations to selected charities when any golf events are held with customers and partners. At the golf tournament, participants were charged $5 if they hit their ball into a pond and $5 if the ball did not stay in the fairway after a tee shot at particular holes. So, participants donated while they played!

“The weather was perfect for golf and we enjoyed playing with Matt and Craig,” says Sano-san, Director of Channel Sales. “We formed two teams of four and both teams had the chance to talk and play with Matt. Matt is a great golfer and he finished 18 holes at the best score. We were really impressed!”

A total of USD400 was raised, which will be used for CSR activities in Japan. Thank you Matt, Craig, Sano-san and the Channel Sales Team!