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Walking the Talk

June 6, 2012

Adobe team members smile at this year's Bangalorean Run.
Adobe team members smile at this year's Bangalorean Run.
Around the world, distance running events symbolize communy spirit and serve as wonderful opportunities for us to do our bit for a social cause.

At last year’s Bangalore Run, around 60 non-profit organizations collectively raised an amount of INR 1.9 crores for their varied causes.  This year, Bangalore participants put their best feet forward once again and showed that they care!

Everyone has a different motivation for participating – while I suffer from being out of shape with poor energy levels, I was super excited to participate with a personal goal of losing weight quickly, and doing so in support of a cause gave it a larger purpose.

Race day activities began with the 10km Elite race for Men, followed by Senior Citizens Run, 10km Elite race for Women, the Wheelchair event and 6km Majja Run in which our team participated.

Each of my fellow 11,000 runners had a different story to tell with the wildest and wackiest of costumes and characters to boot: old, young, even walking trees (yes that’s right, there were prizes for creativity!)

“Running is healthy and running for a cause surely makes you a good human being,” Chantal Jathanha says.  Chantal is in our HRIC team and has been consistently doing it year after year. For her, running has become more than a hobby or a way of keeping fit- it is a way of utilizing fitness to give back to the community. Chantal completed the stretch in 42 minutes.

For me, it was a wonderful experience. I was glad that I could finish it and would recommend to everyone to mark this on the calendar for next year.

It’s been said that “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” By running, we are giving.

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Contributed by Shweta S., Senior Talent Operations Administrator, Bangalore