Dual Studies: An Introduction to Adobe

July 11, 2012

Adobe intern Manuela B. can chat in English and French, in addition to her native German, and is currently taking up Chinese. 

Account development manager Christian F. interned for Adobe as a University student in Germany, then spent a year abroad, visiting 12 different countries.  He was hired for a full-time position shortly after he returned.

Both hail from the Dual Studies program in Germany, which combines the theoretical aspects of University study with hands-on professional work opportunities over a period of three years.  Students enrolled in the program apply for internships at major companies and spend half of the year in school and the other half in the workforce. 

Manuela found her fit at Adobe after a “cool” interviewing process.  She has worked in multiple departments involving marketing and sales.  Now, she takes on big projects and soaks up the enjoyable work atmosphere at Adobe.  “The people here are not treating me like a student,” she says.  “They’re treating me like a colleague.”

Manuela partakes in company fairs, meetings and campaigns alongside fellow interns and young colleagues.  “Adobe fits my studies very well because it is a very international company, and I get to know people from all over the world,” she says.  “You don’t learn those social skills in school, just in practice.”

In the next few months, she’ll pack her bags and head to South Africa with her University.  Shortly after, she’ll make the trek to Adobe corporate headquarters in San Jose, as the only student in the program ever to come to the United States.

Her internship with Adobe has helped foster necessary social skills, she says.  “I’ve learned how to negotiate with customers, how to work with agencies, how to work with a team, how to work with my colleagues,” she says. 

She advises other interns to be independent and take initiative at work.  “You have to do a lot of things by yourself, because people aren’t coming to you and saying you have to do this and this,” she says. “You have to work on your own initiative.” 

After scrolling through a list of potential employers and narrowing his sights on Adobe, it took Christian one phone call, one email and one in-person interview to land an internship. 

During his three years in the Dual Studies program, he worked in several departments in marketing and sales before spending his final three months as part of the Digital Marketing team, furthering his interest in online marketing. 

The Dual Studies program prepared him for a rewarding career, he says.  “You can take experience from work to the classroom and vice versa.  It’s kind of the best of both worlds,” he says.  “I feel fit for a high-performance job in a high-performance industry after these studies.” 

But starting a job right after graduation wasn’t what Christian intended to do.  Instead, he secured a few new stamps on his passport, starting in Vietnam.  “It was, if not now, when should I do it?” he says. Due to his experience with Adobe, he felt assured about getting a job once he returned. “I knew it would work out- that confidence also came because I knew I had Adobe.” 

Several weeks after returning from his travels, he took a job at Adobe as Account Development Manager for the Digital Marketing Suite in online marketing.  “I like that it’s a fast developing industry. It’s nice to be part of that development,” he says.  “I like to travel and talk to people.”

For Christian, coming back to Adobe was a natural decision.  “I’m glad I’m back,” he says. “In every way.”

Contributed by Rachel T., Employment Branding Intern, University of Texas

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