Passion for Quality Engineering: Adobe Engineers Ning L. and Hongbin H. Share Their Stories

July 18, 2012

Adobe’s amazing products not only need the creative minds of development teams but also the contributions of our Quality Engineering (QE) team. For insight into our QE world, Adobe China employees Ning L., QE Manager on our Photoshop team, and Hongbin H., Senior Quality Engineer on the Flash Runtime team share their career stories.


Q: Why did you choose QE as your career?

[Ning]: My first job upon graduating from University was a developer at a Telecom company. At that time, I recall working on a project that did not incorporate any professional testing and as a result, we faced several fatal errors. I saw this as an opportunity to make changes so errors could be reduced and quality improved. I immediately worked on a proposal about how to embed quality assurance into development and presented it to my manager. And he gave me the green light to set up a quality team to do so. This is how I became a Quality Engineer.

Q: When did you join Adobe?

[Hongbin]: I joined Adobe in September 2009. I can clearly remember that it was a sunny afternoon the first time I saw all the team members. What impressed me is that everyone had bright and smiling faces to welcome me. I could feel the passion of youth. I said to myself, “yes, this is a whole new world for me.”

Q: What attracted you to join the Adobe team?

[Hongbin]: Adobe is a world-famous company. Adobe’s products are always able to lead the revolution in the whole industry. There is so much innovation and continuous improvement of user experience. Adobe perfectly merged computer technology and art together. This combination enables people to use their creativity and bring all kinds of ideas into reality. I like science and technology, I like art, I like dynamic multi-media, I like the rapid development of the Internet. Undoubtedly, Adobe is a company I have been pursuing. I hope to become a leader in this field.

Q: What does a day in the life of a Quality Engineer look like?

[Ning]: A Quality Engineer’s duty is to make sure we deliver high-quality products to our customers.  We are constantly thinking about improving testing efficiency, such as how to make the most of complex and repeatable testing automatically, how to test millions of componenents very quickly and accurately, etc.  We are responsible for setting up a big and comprehensive quality system.  Quality Engineers have critical responsibilities and we need people of various talents to research many fields, such as automation and tooling, user behaviors, process optimization, new testing methodologies and so on.  A day in the life of a Quality Engineer is important, fun and challenging.

Q: What interests you the most about being a Quality Engineer?

[Hongbin]: As an example, hundreds of millions of computers work with Flash and HTML in their browsers. Behind these technologies, many smart engineers contribute a lot of effort in perfecting these technologies for end users. As an engineer, I feel honored to be part of the QE community, especially due to the importance of the job. I like the fact that I get a chance to explore how to continuously improve, learn and become an expert in the field I specialize in.

Q: What’s your career advice for those who are just starting careers in QE?

[Ning]: For those who are starting in the field, my advice would be to figure out what technology domain you would like to work on, do your homework about what it entails to be an expert Quality Engineer in that field and constantly innovate on ways to improve quality in that area.