“Adobe Moms” Links Working Mothers

July 25, 2012

Whether you’re looking for a nanny, a new doctor or a place to throw a birthday party for an eight-year-old, you’ll find helpful advice in the thread of emails sent by mothers working at Adobe. 

The Adobe Moms group got its start four years ago when mom Emily S., a Senior Analyst, returned from maternity leave and was stopped by another mother in the elevator.  “We realized what we needed was a way to meet other moms,” Emily says.  “I got back to my desk and a couple days later, I started this group.”

Adobe Moms now has over 215 members in San Jose, San Francisco and other sites around the country.  When a mom has a question, needs a bit of support or even wants to share cute pictures of kids, she can send it out by email to the list and expect responses and advice from fellow working moms.  No judgments passed.

“It’s so great to connect with other moms and share resources,” says Lisa C., Administrative Assistant and mother. “I use the email list but I also chat over the cubicle wall with moms of older kids who have great advice for me.  I don’t stop being a mom when I walk in the door to the Adobe office, so I appreciate that there’s an easy way for moms to find each other.”

Adobe mom Mindy L., a Legal Counsel, uses the list for things like travel tips, parenting advice and dentist recommendations.  “It has filled a void that I was feeling as a working mom, which was the lack of opportunity to learn from other parents,” she says.  “I am very thankful that the group exists.  It has definitely made me feel that Adobe supports working parents.”

Likewise, Senior Experience Designer E.V. Munsson says she appreciates Adobe’s support of moms and families.  “I’m happy to work for Adobe because Adobe is a place where the concept of ‘family’ is both valued and supported.”

 Contributed by Rachel T., Employment Branding Intern, University of Texas