Interns Speak

July 26, 2012

Adobe employs 300 interns in locations all over the world.  Each of them has had the opportunity to experience, first-hand, what it is like to work for Adobe this summer.  Here’s what they have to say:

Mike F. Channel Marketing Intern, Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University, San Jose, California

Why did you decide to intern with Adobe?

I’ve been an Adobe fanboy for a long time, so the company’s brand equity played a big role in my decision process. There’s something to be said for working at a company where you actually use and enjoy the products.

What did you do during Adobe’s semi-annual North American shutdown in July?

The shutdown is a real treasure. I spent my week off in my hometown of Ontario.  Somehow I wound up doing something Adobe related.  I used InDesign to create a visual layout for a family member who needed  my design expertise.

Is Adobe a company you can see yourself working for long-term?

I’m still charting my career path, but if I wind up looking for a long-term gig at a technology firm, there’s no doubt Adobe will be top of mind. Adobe is a great company, so I really mean that when I say it.


Fana Y. Legal Intern, University of Santa Clara, Orem, Utah

Why did you decide to intern with Adobe?

I decided to join Adobe because I truly believe in the company. I knew of its products and Adobe’s employees are top notch so I thought it would be a perfect fit.

What has been your favorite part of your internship?

As one of the social chairs I love organizing our intern pow-wows every week! I am new to the Utah area, so our weekly gatherings have been a great way to meet new people and to explore Orem as well.

Is Adobe a company you can see yourself working for long-term?

Absolutely. Adobe has a good grasp on encouraging employee work-life balance. I think that I would be very lucky to work here in the near future.


Matt C. Sales Operations Intern, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

What has been your favorite part of your internship?

Adobe treats its interns with a respect that blows any other place I’ve worked out of the water.  Specifically, the chance to travel to San Jose to meet other interns and Adobe leadership was a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

What advice do you have for students searching for internships?

Talk to people. If you know someone who works for an interesting company, ask them if there are student jobs available. You’d be surprised what you can find just by being curious.

Is Adobe a company you can see yourself working for long-term?

Definitely.  Adobe is an innovative, intelligent company doing things I can get genuinely enthusiastic about. It would be fantastic to be a part of it.  I really hope Adobe can see me working here in the long term too.

There are many more Adobe summer interns with stories to share.  Stay tuned for more updates from across the globe in the next issue of Interns Speak!

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– Contributed by Marco D., University Talent Intern, Stanford University