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Career Perspectives: From Client to Consultant to Consulting Manager

August 22, 2012

James H. has been on both sides of the table—as a client and as a consultant and now a consulting manager—giving him unique insight into how to create a well-rounded career.

James’ passion for web analytics and optimization began when he worked in advertising and marketing at While working there, he had the opportunity to interact closely with Omniture Consulting and Engineering Services as a client between 2004 and 2006. Shortly thereafter, James was brought on board by Omniture Consulting, and when it was acquired by Adobe in 2009, James officially became a member of the Adobe family as a consultant.

Following James’ career path from consultant, senior consultant, team lead, manager and now senior manager within Adobe Global Services, he touts that proactively searching for challenging growth opportunities is key to success and happiness with his career. Not only is his desire for customer, consulting and Adobe success apparent, but James has made it his personal goal to maintain a reputation of dependability and efficiency.

As a consultant, James has worked with big name customers such as Walmart, BestBuy, Target, Redbox and Sears, guiding each client through unique challenges and solving tough problems. James loves finding solutions to the problems clients bring to him, and he maintains that keeping the best interests of the company in mind also lead to a flourishing career. This kind of problem-solving and open communication can be applied not only directly with clients, but also with coworkers.

James believes in the value of taking action, and finds that if you open up and reveal your true self, people will help and respect you. He names Josh D., an Adobe Professional Services senior manager, as one of his most influential mentors. He highly recommends considering a mentor. “Josh helped me get to where I am now by giving me more responsibilities, providing a great example of leadership, and giving candid feedback when necessary. Even when it hurt,” James said.

Other pieces of advice James offers:
• Don’t wait to be told what to do—find things to do and don’t procrastinate!
• If you’re just coasting and feel bored, you need to change your outlook and probably turn off Outlook.
• Look to your peers for the standard, and raise the bar higher.
• Learn from your peers and network to build knowledge and your skill set, not to be the most popular kid on the block.
• Have patience. Be persistent. Be optimistic.

When asked what keeps him motivated, James says resolutely: “My love for the business, my clients, my management peers and especially my team.”