Adobe Halloween Horror

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween from all of us at Adobe!

Across our offices in the United States, we reined in the ghoulish holiday by transforming our offices into a Trick-Or-Treaters paradise and Spooky Alleys for employees and their families. For one, Adobe’s annual Halloween bash in Utah, which was themed “Halloween Horror Hurrah,” was an unforgettable event last night that included a massive construction with themes such as “Lord of the Rings,” “Peter Pan,” “Hunger Games,” and “Disney Characters.” This marks our last Halloween party in the Orem office as we move into our new office space in Lehi on Monday, November 5th.

Employees in our San Jose office entertained the crowd with a Ghostbusters dance, Gangnam Style:

Check out our photo gallery below for photos that came in from various offices.

Wishing all of you a spooky & frightful Halloween!