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Online Marketing Rockstars

February 20, 2013

On February 22, marketers from all over Europe will congregate at the Online Marketing Rockstars conference in Hamburg, Germany, to discuss the latest developments and trends impacting the online marketing space. Today, we interviewed Ulrich Rohde, Adobe’s Marketing Manager of AdLens, for insights about Adobe’s initiatives at the conference.

Ulrich Rohde
Q: What is Adobe showcasing at this premier conference in Germany?
A: We’re presenting the Adobe Marketing Cloud and our five integrated digital marketing solutions. Our main approach is to resolve “siloed thinking” and help marketers adopt an integrated marketing approach, push boundaries and allow marketing officers to see the advantages a marketer’s cockpit and access to holistic data can deliver. Of course, we tailor our approach to clients’ individual requirements and if this means focusing on a single solution, we will deliver just that. However, our goal is to show our clients the possibilities that are available out there.

Q: And why at this event?
A: The title of the event itself makes it a perfect fit for Adobe. The other event that we’re actively involved in is DMEXCO. Initiated in 2012, the Online Marketing Rockstars event has come from zero to hero covering almost every aspect of the digital marketing universe that you can imagine. From website creation, traffic analysis, campaign technology to social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and much more. This is reflected both in the conference agenda and the profile of the audience. The Online Marketing Rockstars unites them all. There are Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) from big brands as well as ad operations folks, account managers and sales representatives. We met a perfect mix of audience last year, including many c-level executives.

This year, Adobe is both a main sponsor and a stage sponsor. Our aim is to create greater awareness for our Marketing Cloud. And there’s another reason to invest big this year. We’re looking for outstanding talent to join Adobe. We’re looking for people who have the same passion and agility to join our Media Optimizer and Social teams in the Hamburg office. We are a young, hard-working and fun group. We act as a team – from sales to marketing and the accounts division. Come on over and meet our team at the conference. We look forward to seeing you.

Q: What are some trends you’re witnessing in Germany and in Europe in general?
A: We are seeing many trends here. Google set the latest one a few days ago with Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and general changes in the Adwords accounts, so called enhanced campaign mechanisms. This is important to us and our bid management technology. We’ve been part of the Google beta programs and our system is up and already running campaigns and media optimization under the new Google conditions. Social media continues to be a big buzz word, but now we’re talking more about how social media can pay off marketing investments. The optimization approach is also a heavily discussed topic, especially in conjunction with the intelligent usage of data for this. At the Online Marketing Rockstars event, we’ve organized a data panel, where we’ll be discussing with Jason Bigler of Google, an Obama social media election campaign member, Julius von der Laar, and Udo Kießlich, Managing Director of allyouneed.com about what data brings to actionable digital marketing and strategic decisions. The panel discussion will be moderated by Andreas Helios, Adobe’s luminary local speaker.

Q: How is Adobe supporting those trends? What makes Adobe’s offerings unique?
A: As a modern marketer you should be able to get a quick overview of all running marketing entities, campaigns and programs. You should also be able to understand and interpret data, turn insights gained into optimization and make proof-of-concept-based decisions. We believe digital marketing optimization and big data handling are key factors for positioning and managing the digital marketing of a modern company in a profitable way. This is where the Adobe Marketing Cloud comes into play. It is our approach to deliver a marketer’s cockpit for overseeing and optimizing all marketing activities. No other company is approaching big data from a marketer’s perspective the way we are. Our clients’ feedback over the recent years proves that we’re on the right track.

Q: Who are the expected guests?
A: We expect to see Elitepartner, Frontlineshop, Gruner & Jahr, Spiegel, Tomorrow Focus and many more Hamburg-based companies. We’re also expecting many companies from outside the Hamburg area, from Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich too. It’s only an hour’s plane ride from Munich to Hamburg, so we’re also looking forward to seeing Daimler, Deutsche Post, Telekom, Commerzbank, Audi and many more.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself
A: I’ve been active in the digital marketing industry for more than 15 years, with a clear focus on online campaigning technology in all relevant digital channels – search, Real Time Bidding (RTB), display, mobile marketing and over the recent years on social media marketing. I started with mobile marketing clients at a brilliant PR agency in Berlin (that’s where my PR DNA comes from) and my work for B2B clients in this industry quickly became my passion. After six years, I switched sides from agency to enterprise working for DoubleClick, Google and Unicast. I also founded a small PR and Marketing agency with Efficient Frontier as one of my biggest clients. It was Efficient Frontier that led me to Adobe and I was (and still am) impressed by what Adobe is doing in the digital marketing space. I really couldn’t resist this unique opportunity of becoming a member of the Adobe family.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role at Adobe? Why?
I love a lot of things at Adobe but the two things I appreciate most are trust and technology integration. Adobe trusts its employees and with this trust I have the freedom to work independently. I’m sure Adobe’s repeated rankings as a Great Place to Work is validation of that. The second thing I value is the company’s ability to truly integrate technology and employees from companies it has acquired. Believe me, in my previous experience, I have seen many different ways of integration and Adobe has been outstandingly professional in welcoming new members to the Adobe family.

Meet the Adobe teamMeet the Adobe team at the Online Marketing Rockstars conference.