Back in the saddle

March 20, 2013

Bryan Lamkin, Adobe's Senior Vice President of Corporate Development
Bryan Lamkin, Adobe’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

Bryan Lamkin, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, rejoins Adobe and shares his observations of how the company has changed and the exciting possibilities Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud offers our customers.

Posted by Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president, Corporate Development, in Executive Perspectives

I just passed my one-month mark after rejoining Adobe to head up corporate strategy and mergers and acquisitions. It’s a unique perspective, having spent 14 years helping build Adobe’s creative business and then going off to lead teams in consumer internet, social and mobile before coming back. Adobe is the great company that I remember: incredible innovations, talented people, and the coolest customers anywhere. But it’s a company that has changed in many ways, and I thought I would share some of my observations returning to Adobe with fresh eyes.

It’s a whole new world when it comes to the creative professional and their work. Back in “the day” in our creative business, we spent most of our energy building kick-ass applications that helped creative professionals move from traditional to digital workflows while navigating the complexities of the desktop Mac and Windows platforms. Our customers were primarily focused on delivering great print or web content. Now with the explosion of mobile, creatives need to make sure their experiences scale to hundreds of smartphones and tablets, not to mention TVs, car dashboards and in-store kiosks. The challenge is staggering, both for creatives and Adobe, but there has never been more demand for compelling content. (That’s a good thing!) And with the advent of powerful mobile platforms, EVERYONE wants to be creative as they capture, enhance and share their daily experiences.

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