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Attitude trumps skills

July 2, 2013

Tridib presenting at Adobe’s 30th Anniversary Celebration
Tridib presenting at Adobe’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

We recently sat down for a conversation with Tridib C., Senior Director of Products, at Adobe India. Tridib has been with Adobe for more than seven years and has held various roles within the company during this time. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and has been instrumental in setting up top notch software organizations in India prior to joining Adobe. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and completed his Masters from the University of Maryland, USA. Here are highlights from our conversation:

Adobe Life: Can you tell us about the various roles you’ve had at Adobe?
TC: In the initial years, the challenge was twofold – building a business team for the first time in India and building relationships with various Adobe teams across the organization. Both of these were crucial in our ability to deliver on business goals pretty much from year one. Currently, my role focuses on building a continuous learning culture for Adobe India, through our Learning Council, so that our team of talented individuals can grow and innovate for the future.

Adobe Life: Within Adobe India, you’re known for hiring for attitude rather than just for skill. Can you please elaborate?
TC: The India campus has a proven record for delivering excellent quality work and constitutes over 30% of Adobe’s engineering resources. It is critical for us to move beyond just delivering excellent work to becoming an innovation hub. The attributes that we require in the people to deliver on these two goals are separate. We normally hire for specific skills, but now, we need to also look for behavioral attributes like lateral thinking, curiosity, tenacity, and excellent communication skills if we want to move along the innovation axis.

Adobe Life: We have seen some exciting programs initiated by the Learning council that you lead. How do you see it evolving over the coming years?
TC: We’ve had senior additions to our team with one objective – to improve the learning DNA on campus. Our focus this year is on delivering a robust learning plan with the goal of reaching as many employees as possible. We plan to cover more than 800 employees this year. We’ve also initiated a process where employees are encouraged to take quality online courses from Coursera, Udacity and EDEX.

Adobe Life: What are your views and thoughts about promoting internal movement within the company?
TC: This is one initiative that has a broad resonance across the company. In today’s scenario, people may be interested to look at opportunities outside his/her team to satisfy the need to keep up with the times. A manager’s primary job is to work towards the growth and development of his/her team members. If not handled with a sense of urgency and sensitivity, it will almost always lead to the team member’s separation from the company.

We are inspired by Tridib’s philosophy of “hiring for attitude” and his outlook on internal movement!

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