Asia Feature

The Race Against Cancer

August 6, 2013

A record turnout of over 9,000 participants gathered early last Sunday morning for the annual Race Against Cancer (RAC) 2013. Twenty committed Adobe employees signed up for the event which was organized by the Singapore Cancer Society to raise awareness about this disease, and funds for quality services needed by cancer patients.

Adobe employees participated in all three categories of the race: 15km, 10km & 5km. They even entered the corporate team challenge where 10 runners were chosen to compete in the 10km race. Adobe placed number 41 out of 62 companies.

Besides participating in RAC 2013, Singapore employees also raised funds in support of the runners and for the Singapore Cancer Society. Cancer is the number one killer disease in Singapore where 1 in 4 Singaporeans lose their lives to the disease. Adobe employees were proud to join the fight against cancer by donating their time, money and getting healthy all at the same time.

Singapore Team Team after the race Team before the race