University Feature

Straight out of the gates

September 25, 2013

At Adobe, university grads are pushing what’s possible. Right from day one.

When grads leave their universities and hit the halls of Adobe, it’s hard not to notice. They’re passionate, driven, and ready to take on exciting and rewarding challenges. Whether they pitch new ideas or shape new technology, grads at Adobe are encouraged to make a big contribution.

Adobe offers grads competitive salaries, fantastic benefits, and the chance to impact digital experiences.

Today, the spotlight’s on Molly J. and her experiences at Adobe.

Position: Source code auditor • San Jose, California, USA

Area of study: Computer science at Brown University

When she thinks back on college, Molly jokes that she could be the only person on the planet who switched her major from Africana studies to computer science. “I love the analytical aspect of computer science. It’s a very empowering field, and you can do a lot with it professionally,” she says. Now as a source code auditor, Molly and her love of all things code are helping Adobe pioneer an entirely new arena that straddles legal and engineering. By providing higher quality checks on code, she and her team are breaking new ground in terms of how to license open source software. “I can see the impact of what I do on our team” she says. “It’s really cool as a recent grad to be a part of that.”

Why Molly loves working at Adobe: “I think Adobe is an awesome place to be working at right now. It’s changing so much and is opening new realms in terms of Creative Cloud™. Suddenly we have all these new positions and we’re doing great things with ‘big data,’ and so there’s massive opportunity here.”

Cool fact: “I work with everyone across the company, including the program managers of major Creative Cloud products. To have that communication with such influential people is exciting.”