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Adobe Healers Keep Japan Employees Healthy

October 1, 2013

Adobe health keepers at work.
Adobe health keepers at work.

Adobe employees enjoy wonderful benefits. One of them is utilizing the services of Takao O. and Takashi A., Adobe Japan’s in-house health keepers.

Takao and Takashi are famous for their skills of unknotting muscles! They give employees a relaxing reprieve in the middle of the work day. Their packed schedule is proof of their popularity. Seeing an average of 5 people a day, they offer a variety of healthcare services such as reflexology, full body massage, head and hair treatment, or acupuncture.

Worries of tough customer negotiations or a tedious spreadsheet all seem to dissipate when you are lying on a massage table enjoying a session of reflexology at the hands of a seasoned professional. Takao says, “Sitting in a chair for long periods of time takes a toll on the body. Massage is critical because it fights fatigue, heals the body and increases the ability to fight off illness.”

Takao's signature move helps release tension.
Takao’s signature move helps release tension.

Takashi explains that the services offered allow employees to be in their best form. He says, “Your performance reflects your physical state. If you feel tired or unwell, it reflects in your work.” Takashi also stresses the importance of taking mini breaks in between work. Simple things like walking around the office or stretching can work wonders.