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Life in Channel Sales

February 4, 2014

20140103_171308_1Wonder what it’s like to work as a channel sales manager at Adobe? Well, Adobe Life sat down with JM Son, a channel sales manager with Adobe Korea,  who gave us an insight into his part of the business and some career advice for those who are keen on pursuing a career in this field.

Adobe Life: What is your role and how long have you been at Adobe?

JM: I joined Adobe Korea in 2008 as a senior manager for Channel Sales. I currently lead a team of channel account managers and Inside Sales representatives who mainly focus on developing and creating new opportunities to sell the Adobe Creative Cloud through our partners.

Adobe Life: What do you love about our industry?

JM: I love the fact that there’s a huge market opportunity for many of Adobe’s products. Before I joined Adobe, I was under the impression that only the design industry uses our products. I quickly discovered that’s not the case at all. Adobe is used everywhere, throughout the world, in all different industries. I feel very lucky and privileged to be working in this creative industry.

Adobe Life: How would you describe Adobe’s culture?

JM: Compared to the other IT companies I’ve worked for previously, I think Adobe has a dynamic and collaborative culture. During my time at Adobe, I’ve had so many opportunities to collaborate with different parts of the business and I’ve learnt so much. I believe that Adobe is one of the best companies to work for and no matter what your position is at Adobe, you’ll be a part of shaping the future for creative professionals.

Adobe Life: Do you have any career advice for those intending to pursue a career in channel sales?

JM: Inspire, empower, reward and have fun! If you want to pursue a career in channel sales, you have to recognize that channel sales is all about the people. We are always surrounded by people and we need to inspire and empower them. Trust is also very important in order to do this. Building and creating trust is the core foundation of a strong relationship. I’m always focusing on building trust with my team and business partners. You need to be open to hear what others have to say and give them time.

Adobe Life: What is something you love to do, outside of work that we don’t know about you?

JM: I love spending time with my family and I try to spend as much time as possible with them doing outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and swimming. I do love learning too. Yes, I’m constantly learning from others and I try to absorb as much as possible wherever I am.

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