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February 11, 2014

JayDutta-and-ArjyoThe User Experience (UX) team has become such an important part of Adobe. We sat down with Jaydeep D., head of Adobe India’s user experience team, who shared with us the impact that the UX team has made on our customers and the qualities he looks for when hiring for his team.

Adobe Life: Is the UX team in India a new initiative?
Jaydeep D.: Adobe has always been focused on user experience and we have a large team worldwide. Our team in India has grown over the last 5 years and we have added significant value to some of our most loved and used products.

Adobe Life: UX is a buzzword now, what does it mean for Adobe?
JD: Yes, it is indeed a buzzword! We have a loyal user base who use our products daily to create amazing things. Our aim is to develop unobtrusive digital creation tools with powerful features, workflows and integrated ecosystems that are faster to discover and adapt.

Adobe Life: What do you love about UX?
JD: I love seeing the journey created between our products and our users. We often receive notes from our users thanking us for creating tools that help them earn an honest living. A memorable one was from a young single mom with two kids who taught herself how to use Adobe software and began freelancing. She wrote in to say what a change it made for her family, both in terms of earnings and the quality time she’s able to spend at home. In addition, there are celebrity designers, big studios and the world’s top brands that constantly seek our advise on how user experiences can be improved for their projects. Our customers and their experiences are both inspiring and humbling; it fuels us with a deep sense of responsibility.

Adobe Life: Adobe always emphasizes on hiring innovative thinkers, why is it so important for your team?
JD: The core task of UX designers, to quote John F. Kennedy, is to “look at things that do not exist.” We’re creating the products, the workflows and the ecosystems of tomorrow. Users can respond to what exists and what they have seen so far, but designers must innovatively blend user needs with technical possibilities and broader market trends. That’s why we’re always looking for people who are innovative and imaginative. We want individuals who are able to think ahead, evaluate multiple options, and act with clarity and conviction.

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