EMEA Feature

Serves and volleys for lunch

February 12, 2014


Golf, cycling, or tennis? With the Adobe wellness incentive, employees can take their pick.

Each year, Adobe provides a wellness incentive to support nearly any activity employees do to stay healthy. For one group of employees in Adobe’s Paris office, lunchtime often veers from the typical café fare. Sometimes it involves serves, volleys, and the occasional overhead lob.

Julien N., a solutions consulting manager, makes a habit out of grabbing a co-worker and zipping through the streets of Paris to the local tennis club. “It’s a way for me to release and step away from my work for a bit. Tennis is a great escape for me,” he says.

For the last five years, Julien has used the Adobe wellness incentive — a benefit he says is uncommon in France — to pay for a portion of his annual tennis club membership. He encourages his co-workers to take advantage of it, too. “They use it for tennis, golf, and gym memberships,” he says. “I can really see a difference in people who make time for their personal life and health — especially if they do a sport.”

Julien grew up with tennis and hopes to keep it in the family. “My son is six years old, and he started taking tennis lessons two years ago. Being able to play with him is one of my motivations.”