Think like a disruptor

March 5, 2014


No status quo, please: Senior Design Manager Luanne S. on her ideal interns.

As a senior design manager in the Creative Cloud Learn organization, Luanne S. manages a lot of creatives. Her team’s mission is to create learning content—video tutorials, animations, step-by-steps—teaching people how to use Adobe software and to troubleshoot when they have problems.

Luanne frequently hires interns for design, writing, animation, and video work. And while there’s no shortage of candidates who have great skills in their areas of expertise, she’s not looking for someone who can just execute tasks well. She’s looking for people who fit an entrepreneurial mindset and can apply it to their work at Adobe.

“I’m not interested in people who come from design factories,” Seymour says. “I’m interested in people who are thinking in a bigger way. I want disruptors—people who want to explore new things and take risks and make a lot of mistakes and have that be OK.”

Seymour says this kind of attitude is necessary at a company like Adobe. It might be a large, established, global organization, but it operates in a competitive industry that quickly pushes out players that can’t innovate.

“I think my attitude is reflective of the business that Adobe’s in,” Seymour says. “The software business changes very fast, and it’s changing faster now than when I first started. You have to think like a disruptor and be ready to try all sorts of new things fairly rapidly.”

Fortunately, Seymour says, she’s had great luck finding exactly this type of intern—and she’s quick to give critical work to interns who show great potential. Recently, she asked an intern to take on an important task: create an animation teaching people to edit a PDF file. It’s the most searched-for how-to question on, so a lot was riding on the intern’s work. And he delivered.

“He created a great stop-motion animation using white board drawings, something simple but informative that would work well with a consumer audience. And in just 5 months, it already had over 50,000 views.”

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