EMEA Feature

Dancing for the greater good

March 19, 2014

hobbies-jaclyn1Jaclyn H. has been working at Adobe since January 2012, but she has one passion that began much earlier – dancing. At the age of 9, Jaclyn began dancing in a Philippine folklore dance group and has never stopped since. As a teenager, Jaclyn organized her own hip hop dance group and took part in dancing competitions all over the country. Today, Jaclyn works as an administrative assistant at Adobe and is just as involved in her first love than ever before.

Although Jaclyn never intended to become a professional dancer, her dedication towards training and discipline has never ceased. “After work each day, I go for dance lessons for at least two hours,” says Jaclyn. “I just love dancing and enjoy the confidence it gives you.”

She now uses her talent to support her community. In 2013, Jaclyn became part of the Soultrain project which aims to involve children and teenagers from every social and ethnic background in acting, singing and dancing. The project required 6 long months of practice every evening and every weekend. And she did this while working full time at Adobe. “There were challenging moments but it all paid off,” Jaclyn mentions. “It was a fantastic experience to see how professional and amateur dancers worked together to became one team. It was a unique combination of dancing and doing something for a good cause.”

The second project Jaclyn participated in was Hexflash, a theatre production in which people with and without disabilities got to work and dance together. Jaclyn was very impressed at how dedicated and disciplined her disadvantaged team members worked to make the production a success.

Both projects raised money for organizations dedicated to the integration and promotion of creativity and the performing arts within the community. Jaclyn and her fellow artists succeeded in raising funds for a greater cause through sold-out performances.