A Fertile Ground for Creative Minds

April 29, 2014

We recently sat down with Samartha V. who shared with us his passion for working at Adobe and what he has been able to achieve during his time here.

SamarthaAdobe Life: Samartha, tell us what you do at Adobe and how you landed your career here?
Samartha: I am a senior content and community lead with the Community Help and Learning (CHL) team. I am responsible for authoring and maintaining online help for Photoshop, Camera Raw, Elements Organizer and Story.

After I completed my bachelor’s degree in engineering, I longed for a career that would let me combine my passions for writing and technology. In 2008, I found myself at Adobe as part of the CHL team, documenting awe-inspiring software and interacting with a fantastic user community who are fond of our software. As I look back and recount the journey, I realize that I’ve contributed user assistance content to some 15 products during the course of my Adobe career so far.

Adobe Life: What do you love about working at Adobe?
Samartha: When you play with early builds of software and help it get past the finishing line, you realize what a great honor it is to lend a hand in shaping the tools that the world relies on to bring creative ideas to life. And that inspires you to stay on the look out for opportunities to make life easier for users. Multitasking and quickly delivering results is part of the organizational DNA here. No two days at Adobe are alike!

Adobe Life: What have been some exciting achievements for you in the past five years?
Samartha: Some of my most exciting moments at Adobe came in the last few months when I was working on my idea, Articoolate, for the Adobe Kickbox program (a program designed to encourage employees to innovate). Together with two of my colleagues, I worked the idea through a structured six-phase program called the “Red Box” to progress to the next major stage, the Blue Box. Only a small fraction of ideas that began at the Red Box stage have so far made it to the next level. The Kickbox program taught me the art of validating ideas through real-world data, gathering user feedback, and polishing a pitch so that the real benefits of an idea shine through. Kickbox is a good example of Adobe’s razor-sharp focus on innovation that provides all possible encouragement to help employees, whatever level they may be at, realize their ideas.

Samartha working at Adobe

In addition to this, Adobe’s culture of innovation has proved to be a fertile ground for my creative pursuits. Somewhere along the years, I developed a keen interest in research around text analytics technologies that could solve real-world problems for our customers. This focus on finding solutions has translated into intellectual property, international publications, speaking opportunities, and an invite to the CEO’s Patent Dinner! Great workplaces push you beyond the boundaries that you’d imagined for yourself at some point in time. And Adobe has proved to be that workplace for me every day of the past five years.

Adobe Life: What do you look forward to next at Adobe?
Samartha: Continued learning, fruitful interactions, many ideas that will count and some that won’t; but never a dull moment for sure.

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