Show Up BIG

May 21, 2014

The support you get at Adobe enables and positions you to be your best.

It all started with Adobe believing and investing in Sylvie Felx’s leadership capabilities and the impact she’s been making at the company. Sylvie, a senior manager for IT Brand Communications and Transformation, crossed paths with Kimberly Roush, an executive coach, at one of the leadership programs Adobe sent her to. Intrigued by what she does at Adobe and her career journey, Kimberly asked Sylvie to contribute her thoughts about an interesting topic—“Who Are You When You Are BIG?” In this context, BIG means being the best of who you are. Just last week, Sylvie’s story was featured in this newly released leadership book: “Who Are You…When You Are BIG?Adobe Life interviewed Sylvie to dig deeper into the topic and here’s a summary of the conversation.

SylvieAdobe Life: What does it mean to feel and show up BIG?

Sylvie: Feeling BIG means being in your zone. It’s about who you are when you are on your game, energized, jazzed to get up and go to work in the morning.  It’s about when the best of you shows up. From a leadership perspective, it means being in constant connection with your emotional intelligence. In this new book “Who Are You… When You Are BIG” the authors—Kimberly Roush and Allan Milham, both executive coaches—present inspiring wisdom and real stories of people whose lives have changed from answering that specific question.

Adobe Life: When do you know you are in a BIG state of mind?

Sylvie: It’s when I’m sleepless and my wheels are churning. I can’t stop thinking about all the projects I want to start, the people I want to connect with, and the books I want to read. I feel like a teenager. It’s when I feel invincible and the world is mine.

Adobe Life: Who are you when you are BIG at work?

Sylvie: I speak up. I trust my instinct, I don’t fear controversy, and I express my opinion without filters. I feel authentic. And, I lean in. I find the “white” spaces, I take ownership, and I make things happen. I feel like an entrepreneur.

Adobe Life: What’s it like to be BIG in your personal life?

Sylvie: I entertain. I invite amazing people and I craft a memorable experience for them: great food, French wine and jazz in the background. I feel like an iron chef. Feeling BIG in my personal life also means that I take off. I fly with my boyfriend to vibrant cities around the world where we get inspired, feel rejuvenated and dream big about the future and what we hope to accomplish.

Adobe Life: Tell us more about the dream job you have in Adobe’s IT organization?

Sylvie: I joined Adobe in 2005. I started as technology lead on our Legal team. Then, moved to IT in 2008 to drive business operations for Global Enterprise Applications, and was recently appointed as head of IT Brand Communications and Transformation. My team and I are perfectly positioned to play BIG. Our job is to voice the critical role that IT serves in Adobe’s transition to becoming a software-as-a-service company and to orchestrate the IT shift to a services organization.

Adobe Life: What’s your advice to feel and show up BIG?

Sylvie: Do your homework. Write down your core values, your talents, your gifts and your passions. Be fully aware of who you are, where you thrive and what you want to be recognized for. Then, shut down the inner voices that drag you down and amplify the ones that lift you up. Finally, take risks and show up for what you were designed to be. Seize and create the opportunities.

Inspired by Sylvie’s story? Connect with her on Twitter (@sfelx). If you’re interested in a rewarding career with Adobe’s IT organization, visit our career site for opportunities.