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I’m living my dream, don’t wake me up!

July 2, 2014

Mrinalini sketching

At Adobe, we strive to create career opportunities for top talent. Mrinalini S., experience designer, shares how she got into Adobe and what makes it an inspiring workplace for her.

Adobe Life: I hear you have a very interesting story about how you joined Adobe, please tell us.

Mrinalini: Adobe was hosting the Adobe Design against Corruption Challenge and I submitted an entry to change the way the ecosystem of auto rickshaws function in India. At that point in time, I was a young graphic design student from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. I was surprised when the results were declared across all design school campuses that my idea won the challenge. Along with a brand new iPad, I was awarded a 6-month internship with the Experience Design team at Adobe, Bangalore. This almost felt like inception, a dream within a dream, as I have always used Adobe products to execute my designs, but never really thought I would be involved in building the products. Naturally, I was ecstatic!

My internship project at Adobe was titled the ‘Future of Creative Professions’ and I had the opportunity to present my ideas at the Adobe Tech Summit. I joined as an intern in Bangalore but got absorbed as a regular employee, and later moved to Noida to work with the InDesign team. I’m living my dream, don’t wake me up!

Adobe Life: What do you love about working at Adobe and why?

Mrinalini: Adobe is a company that completely respects your freedom, and what could be more important for a designer than creative freedom and growth. Adobe respects your ideas and thoughts. You’re always encouraged to collaborate with people. What I also appreciate is the extremely talented people I get to work with every day. It’s not only the work but what they do outside work that feeds me with inspiration to challenge myself every day.

Adobe Life: Sketching comes naturally to you, how do you incorporate your talent in your job?

Mrinalini: I love sketching; it gives me a lot of peace and allows my mind to breathe. Technology and ideas move very fast. Presenting ideas in innovative ways to stakeholders is always a challenge. A particular instance that I remember was when we hardly had time to construct a presentation, as we only had 2 days for thoughts that were bubbling in our heads. I took out some sheets of paper and my colored markers and started sketching out the ideas, narrating the story of a photographer who wanted to design a publication in InDesign and was using the new color features that our team was working on. The sketches really helped to communicate a bunch of these ideas when we were really pressed for time. People actually listened and paid very close attention to the drawings. The team got inspired to build on those ideas and execute them.

Adobe Life: Finally, what is that one thing that makes you stay at Adobe?

Mrinalini: Learning something new every day from the people around you, not only in the current office space but globally, is what keeps me at Adobe. Fun colleagues who take the time to enjoy a round of foosball in the middle of a work day is a big plus too.

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